Bingo Blitz Events: The Ultimate Guide

Bingo Blitz Event List and Guides
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Bingo Blitz creates new and different events representing special occasions and holidays where international and global players can collect Bingo Blitz free credits, Bingo Blitz power-ups, and special elements of the Bingo Blitz game. It enables them to further enjoy the game and its experience. If you want to read more about Bingo Blitz, check these handy guides: Bingo Blitz Guide, 8 Reasons to play Bingo Blitz in 2022.

There are several events provided by Bingo Blitz. In this article, we will discuss it in detail and depth. So that you can know what and how bingo Blitz will value add to your gaming experience. Following are some of the Bingo Blitz events:

Shell Abration

Shell Abration event brings a lot of useful Bingo Blitz rewards for you. The theme is all about the ocean and water. In this Bingo Blitz event, you are required to collect as many shells as possible through your bingo cards from any room.

Shell Abration event in Bingo Blitz

After collecting all the shells, now you have to enter any one of the castles from three options. You have to enter one and pick the shell so that you can find out what treasure is hidden there. Each castle possesses a certain number of jackpot rewards.

Shell Abration Event Rewards

The starfish included in the jackpot options, help you to fill up the bar and to move forward with the levels and rooms. Moreover, whenever you complete each round you also get a lot many additional rewards.

Shell Abration Event Rounds

Extra pick crab is one important option that you should never forget to use as it provides you a chance to select once more from the remaining crab options. Thus, this beach-themed event will take you on a good adventure along with your friends and teammates.

Moxie’s Cooking Show

Moxies cooking show is another important event of Bingo Blitz. This Mouse character adds to the value of the game as it takes the rank of the famous chefs and carries out a whole cooking show which is the theme of this Bingo Blitz event. Moxies have all the cooking essentials like ingredients, recipes, and challenges. These challenges enable you to earn and have a good time playing the game.

Moxies Cooking Show Event

The main theme of the challenge is you have to earn or collect the ingredient and cook the recipes or dishes. And complete the levels in every category to earn the rewards. Moreover, the grand prize is for people who complete the whole menu.

Moxies’ Ingredients

Moxie’s Cooking Show Event Ingredients

There are several ways to get the ingredients you need for this bingo blitz event. Following are some of the ways:

  • You have to play the bingo rounds.
  • You can get the ingredients by playing for the special events.
  • Completion of basket chases enables you to get the ingredients.
  • You can also get the ingredients by collecting your daily baskets.
  • Either you can grow the ingredients in your bingo garden.
  • Trading with your blitz buds also allows you to get the ingredients.
  • You can also purchase the ingredients from the store.

Moreover, there are different types of baskets. Some are rarer than others. The types of baskets include Wooden, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Sapphire, and Royal.


The garden in Moxies cooking show event

This Garden helps Moxie to cook with fresh ingredients for all its viewers. The only thing you should make sure of is to keep watering the plants, veggies, and fruits. You can unlock the garden slots in bingo blitz and get more seeds by keep on moving forward with the completion of the category.

PLUS member

Moreover, an important feature of Moxie’s garden is you can become a PLUS member. Leave the stress of keep on watering the garden again and again. With Plus membership you will only water when you have to put new ingredients or harvest the new ripe ones. This comfort is achieved due to the auto drencher feature.

Double Drencher

Another important Garden feature or tool is the Double Drencher which is helpful for people who are way too quick for the completion of the rounds or events. It enables the player to complete it in half the normal time it takes.

ingredient shuffle

There is another tool that helps you in this event. The tool is called ingredient shuffle. You can get the shuffle opportunity from the ingredient baskets you collect in the game. You can shuffle the ingredient with the ingredient of your choice by seeing the rarity match. Once, you have selected the ingredient to shuffle you can finalize the change by pressing the “Done shuffling” button.


Cooking in Moxies cooking show event

The third important aspect of Moxie’s cooking show event is the cooking part where you have to cook and prepare the dishes. You have to complete each given category. It will lead you to earn bonuses and rewards.

complete each given category

Each completion of a round or level enables you to earn the following rewards:

  • Addition of new seeds to plant in the Moxies Garden.
  • New or more spaces to add plants in the garden,
  • It provides chef points as a reward.
in Moxies cooking show event

Thus, all these rewards make you reach the next level of the chef Brigade. Moreover, there is another aspect of this event where Michelle will come and challenge Moxie with special dishes. You, as a player, have to help Moxie to select the size of the dish. It is said the bigger the size, the bigger the elements and rewards that are called the Grand Prizes.

Chocolate Market

Chocolate Market is another important event of Bingo Blitz. The theme of the event is reflected in the name itself.

Chocolate Market Event in Bingo Blitz

You have to fill the chocolator fully. To earn the heavenly chocolates that can be used to trade for Bingo Blitz freebies. The chocolator and its fill-up get you the opportunity to pick and select the rewards that are available to you in Bingo Blitz. Moreover, you can also have unique offers to avail. These rewards and offers help you to save the chocolate bars for coming levels and rounds.

Jumps and Slumps

The jump and Slumps event has a theme of poolside adventures. You have to collect the ice creams by daubing on the bingo card.

Jumps and Slumps Event in Bingo Blitz

You can also boost your bingo card. It enables you to get more ice cream rewards. These ice cream rewards and the poolside theme give you a nice adventure for the summer season.  When the ice cream meter is full, you are given a dice. You have to roll the dice and complete your round.

Jumps and Slumps event rewards

When every level is completed, you can get a grand reward. Moreover, the plus option is also available at this event. It helps you to get extra or additional rewards.

Shore Finds

Shore finds event is a beach-themed bingo Blitz event.

Shore Finds event in Bingo Blitz

You have to play the bingo and collect the buckets from the Bingo cards.

collecting the buckets in Shore Finds event

Then going back to the beach you have to dig for the treasure.

dig for the treasure in Shore Finds Event

By completing each level, you’ll be able to get the Grand reward.

Shore Finds Event Rewards

If the boost used is high, you can get bigger-sized buckets. Moreover, plus member option is also available for this event. Hence, you can get extra or additional rewards.

Cocktail Bar

Here in this event, you have to daub the cocktails on your bingo cards. When you are done with collecting those bottle shadows, you have to go to the bar and convert those bottles into amazing drinks.

Cocktail Bar Event in Bingo Blitz

Thus, whenever you fill up a glass, you get a reward. The only rule is to complete every round or level to get the final reward. The Plus member facility is also available for this event. Hence, you can get additional rewards.


Thus, it shows there are varieties of events held in the Bingo Blitz game that maximize your gaming experience. It enables you to enjoy much more than the normal bingo rooms. It helps you to gain much more rewards.

Moreover, the PLUS member options of events allow you to get additional rewards. All these levels, tools, and rewards make you enjoy your time playing along with your friends and teammates. It provides you with an opportunity to unwind your day and be stress-free while playing Bingo Blitz. What are you waiting for? Get your Bingo Blitz journey started and enjoy your time of relaxation.

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