Bingo Blitz: The ultimate beginner’s guide in 2022

Bingo Blitz Guide
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Do you looking for a fun bingo game to play?

If the instant answer to the question is affirmative then you need to know about Bingo Blitz. In the gaming industry, Bingo Blitz is one of the top and most famous online bingo games. It was launched by Playtika in August 2012. BingoBlitz is a free online game that is available for IOS, Android, and Windows. Moreover, Bingo Blitz is also available on Facebook. This article will allow you to go through the complete beginner’s guide to Bingo Blitz. It enables you to know what this game is about, how it works and its different features, and how it allows you to play with people residing in different parts of the world.

What is Bingo Blitz?

What is Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz is an online free Bingo and card game that you will actually enjoy. It not only provides you with entertainment value but it is also a game that can help you pass the time while at home. It is available online and offline, both modes. It enables you to connect with different people from all around the world. The gaming experience becomes quite uplifting and socially fulfilling. Be sure to check our 8 Reasons to play Bingo Blitz

How does Bingo Blitz work?

How does Bingo Blitz work

The first step in the Bingo Blitz game is to select a virtual space for starting the game. Now you have to select the city or country or any location for which you are playing. Bingo Blitz passes through several cities and countries. Hence the location selection is a necessary step before starting the game. As Bingo blitz is a card game as well.

Bingo Blitz contains cards of random 24 numbers. It is placed across 5 rows and columns. After all the initial settings now when the game starts. You have to keep an eye on the numbers so you can cross them out of your card. You will call Bingo when all the numbers are crossed off from the card for whatever pattern you are playing for. The Bingo game inside Bingo Blitz has several rounds and you have to play according to the given winning pattern. The winning patterns or rounds include horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or all four sides or corners.

What are Bingo Blitz Maps, Rooms, and Events?

All Bingo Blitz µRooms

Bingo Blitz map and rooms are the main virtual rooms of the game where the players move across different cities mentioned on the world map. Bingo Blitz rooms are the place where they play the matches and then earn from it different elements. The combination and collection of all these elements help you to move forward to other cities. Moreover, there is another feature of Bingo Blitz that has seasonal rooms as well. They are prone to change the theme every week. Bingo Blitz also creates new and different events representing special occasions and holidays where global players can collect special elements of the game.

Moreover, there is a long list of Bingo map rooms. That includes New York, Sydney, London, Tokyo, Dublin, Area 51, Paris, Istanbul, etc.

What are Bingo Blitz Slots?

Bingo Blitz Slot Machine

Bingo Blitz Slots are another major thing about this game. That supports putting a bet and increasing the chances of winning more Bingo Blitz free credits and coins. You can enter any slot room as there is a whole library for slot rooms. Each slot room requires 12 achievements or elements to collect. Moreover, collective achievements are based on the following patterns:

  • If you collect five a kind symbol on the slot then you will get the award of the collection item on it.       
  • You can get coins, bingo points, or collection items if you can pick symbols and match them. When it goes matching, then it means you win them. This is called a bonus round.    
  • If you have wheel spin on your slot, coins or collected elements are the prizes. If you bet a high amount it leads you to get a free re-spin so that you can get what you wanted a second time.

What is Bingo Blitz Friends & Teams option?

Bingo Blitz Friends and Teams

In Bingo Blitz you can use the friends and teams option where you can invite your friends to make up a team and go on for bingo adventures. It enables you to collect more elements and bonuses and it also speeds up the game process and you keep on traveling to other cities fast. You can also reach high levels as well. And also collect extraordinary bigger rewards throughout the game. Thus, it shows how important and uplifting this bingo team option is as it also provides you to invest time to increase your social connections and friendships while bonding with the game.

What are the Power-Ups in Bingo Blitz?

Bingo Blitz Power Ups

Power-ups serve the purpose of making the bingo easy and winning soon. These Bingo Blitz Power-Ups put a blitz on the bingo game. It enables them to get a unique impact on the game when it is used. For a power up to work for you, you have to check whether there are 3 daubs on your cards to enable your power meter to charge. When your power-up button is charged then a random power-up will appear. Thus, after using a power-up your power-up option goes to the cool-down phase before it gets charged again for use.

 Bingo Blitz has generally 8 types of power-ups that can make your game easy to move forward to other levels soon. Following are the 8 types of power-up:

  • Double XP power-up can only be used one time in each round. The power-up enables you to double the amount of XP you collect in that round.
  • Another important power-up is double winning where you can get the double payout at the end of each round. Mostly, it’s 2 times the normal payout you get at the end of each level. This power-up is also available for use only once. The doubled amount comes from the won coins squares and bingos. In the case of credits, the doubled amount comes from won bingos.
  • Instant wins enable you to get a random square anywhere on the bingo card. When you daub this square you’ll get an instant bingo.
  • The treasure square power-up enables you to get the square with the treasure chest anywhere on your bingo card. And when you daub it you get to open the treasure chest and get the elements or reward at the end of the round. It is also used once on each round.
  • Single daub power-up serves to be a helping tool for winning any given pattern as it marks a square wherever you need to get a bingo.
  • The advanced version of the single daub power-up is the double daub power-up. That marks 2 random squares anywhere you need them on your bingo card to get you near the win.
  • Money square or coin square will randomly mark a square on each bingo card. This power-up comes with a gold effect on it. Whenever you daub any of these squares made by the power up. You will get to earn a certain amount of coins at the end of the level or round.
  • Supercharger power-up is another important power-up you can use that enables you to instantly cool down your power-up meter. It cuts the time it takes for charging into half when you use the supercharger to power up. After the cool down, you can charge it up with subsequent daubs. After using the supercharger, you get to charge the power-up meter in 2 daubs rather than 3.

What are collection items in Bingo Blitz?

Bingo Blitz Collection Items

Bingo Collection items are also one of the most important aspects of the Bingo Blitz. You have to gain these 12 collection items for getting the rewards of each bingo room. Now the question arises how can you collect these items? Following are some of the ways through which you can collect these items:

  • The first way is to purchase those items through coins from the inventory section of Bingo Blitz.
  • Or you can get it if gifted by other teammates or friends you are playing Bingo with.
  • Moreover, treasure chests are another way you can collect these items.
  • The last way for collecting Bingo Collection items is to bingo the shadow cards. A Shadow card means the bingo card with the shadow of a collection item that cannot be acquired in any other way. You have to bingo that specific card to get that collection item. The collection items acquired through bingo cards are termed as hard to get by all the blitzes.

How does Bingo Blitz Gift Center help?

Bingo Blitz Gift Center

Bingo Blitz gift center contains several options of gifts and elements that enable you to get more bonuses, earnings, and other new features of the game. Through the gift center, you can send and receive gifts with your teammates and friends. It enables you to help each other throughout your Bingo blitz journey and adventure. Moreover, you can also request any specific element or bonus whenever you need it from other teammates or your in-game friends. The gifts include power-ups, slot spin and collection items, etc. You can also collect credits from friends whenever you need them. You can get it every few hours.

What are Bingo Blitz Coins and Credits?

What are Bingo Blitz Credits and Coins

Coins and credits are the currency or earning ways from Bingo Blitz. You can earn coins in various ways such as by accomplishing the bingo, finding the coins inside a treasure chest, power-ups, or by daubing the coin squares on the bingo cards. Other ways to earn coins are by leveling up in the game, earning or getting certain achievements, or clicking on the bingo blitz wall of your teammates.

Another important aspect of games’ currency is that you can convert the credits into coins. You can use the coins to purchase keys and other elements or opening of treasure chests and power-ups.

While credits can be achieved by completing the collection set by getting all the collection items or by adding more teammates to your bingo room and enjoying the adventures with more people. Now you might be thinking about how you can earn credits in the game, so here are some ways by which you can gain credit. The first is by achieving a bingo, the second way is to open the treasure chest power up, and the third way is to get the credits through weekly contests. Moreover, other ways to get credits are to level up in the game or by using the get credit tab at the top of the game.

How do team points benefit you in the game?

Team points are added whenever you or any of your team members get a bingo. These team points keep on adding with time. So whenever you reach a certain number or milestone as your total team points you can get bonuses for your teammates and yourself.

Bingo Blitz Team Points

Moreover, if you are playing for a higher level of cities then you will likely get higher team points. You can check your team point status from the bar.

Is Bingo Blitz different from the Standard version of the Bingo game?

The main difference between Bingo Blitz and the standard version is that Bingo Blitz contains all the power-ups and bonuses to speed up the game and levels while the standard version is plain without any power-ups.

How can somebody claim a bingo?

At the end of each bingo card, there is a button with “Bingo” written on it. You have to press it whenever you get a bingo to claim your rewards.

What are bingo blitz chips?

Other than coins and credits, Bingo blitz chips are also a virtual currency used in the game. It is quite similar to coins but the only difference is they are of high value.


Thus it shows Bingo Blitz enables you to have quite a fulfilled experience of connecting with people and earning through gaming. It provides you moments to bond with friends and other social connections through this game.

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