What are Bingo Blitz Power Ups and How to Use Them

Bingo Blitz Power Ups
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With Blitzy, the cartoon cat, as their main mascot, Bingo Blitz has created quite a loyal fan following for itself. This entertaining game is filled with all sorts of adventures such as mini-games, Bingo, and so on. The parent company, Playtika, are the people behind this game. Hence, the gameplay plus the graphics are of top-notch quality, with numerous levels having unique musical arrangements and characters.

When it comes to the game itself, Bingo Blitz consists of Bingo cards that have 24 random numbers written across five columns and rows. Once the game starts, the player needs to stay alert and keep a lookout for their number to show up on the screen so that they can cross them off from their cards. Every round has a unique winning pattern, which could be in a line, on each of the four corners, and so on. Become a bingo master with these useful Bingo Blitz Guides: Bingo Blitz Guide, 8 Reasons to play bingo blitz.

The game itself consists of ten to fifteen rounds. A player can use their credits to purchase multiple bingo cards per round in order to increase their chances of getting BINGO. There are numerous types and styles of Bingo games that are based on the changing season, hence the player always comes back to something new and fresh.

Moreover, while waiting for the next Bingo round to start, players can participate in quick-play slot games and mini-games or bingo blitz events to pass the time. For example, a mini-game that consists of preparing cooking dishes inside a diner is a favorite of many players.

What are Power Ups in Bingo Blitz?

Power-ups add extra energy to the Bingo Blitz game. A player can use the power-ups to get ahead. There are a variety of different power-ups that can be found within the Bingo Blitz game and every power-up offers something new and different.

How to Get Power Ups?

Bingo Blitz players can acquire power-ups through various means. They can get them by purchasing them from the Store in the game, winning them randomly in Bingo Blitz rooms and events, request for power-up packs from their teammates, or getting them in the form of gifts from Bingo Blitz free credits page.

When a player gains more XP when playing a Bingo card, they end up unlocking a random Power-up from their inventory and can now use it in their game.

How to use Power Ups in Bingo Blitz?

A player needs to have 3 successful daubs on their cards if they want to use a power-up. They will have to charge their power-up meter, which will generate a random power-up once it’s fully charged. The player just has to click it in order to use it. Once a player has used up the power-up, their power-up meter will have to cool down for a while before their daubs start charging the meter up again.

Bingo Blitz Power-Ups List

1. Double XP

With Double XP power-ups, a Bingo Blitz player is able to double the amount of their collected XP in Bingo Blitz for every successful daub for the rest of that round. A one XP daub, for example, will give the player two XP if they use the Double XP Power-Up. Also, a player can use this power-up only once in a round.

2. Double Winnings

With the Double Winnings power-up, which is also called the Double Payout, the player will get rewarded with twice the payouts when the round ends. The Bingo Blitz coins won by the player through Bingos and Coin Squares will get doubled. While credits won from Bingos only will get doubled. A player can use this power-up once in a round.

3. Instant Win

This power-up is said to be the most powerful one in the Bingo Blitz game. Plus, it doesn’t appear as often. When this power-up gets activated, a random square gets marked on each of the player’s bingo cards. Once that square gets successfully daubed, the player gets a bingo instantly.

4. Treasure Square

With the Treasure Square power-up in Bingo Blitz, a player can obtain a Treasure Chest. This power-up will end up marking a square of a Treasure Chest icon on the player’s bingo cards. Once the square with the Treasure Chest gets daubed, the player will be able to collect the Treasure chest and open it once the round ends. A player can use this power-up only once in a round.

5. Single Daub

This power-up ends up marking a random square on the bingo cards in the form of free space. This can greatly help the player if they are looking to complete a certain bingo pattern.

6. Double Daub

This power-up ends up marking two random squares on the Bingo Blitz cards in the form of free space. It is more powerful compared to the Single Daub.

7. Money Square

This Bingo Blitz power-up is also called the Coin Square. It will mark a square on random on all of the player’s bingo cards using a gold-plated effect. When a player daubs this square, they will get a reward of coins that will be paid out to them when the round ends.

8. Supercharger

When the Supercharger power-up gets activated in Bingo Blitz, the player’s power-up meter will cool down instantly and it will get charged through upcoming daubs. For the rest of the round, only two successful daubs will be needed to fully charge the meter instead of three. Plus, waiting for the meter to cool down will not take as long.


1. What to do if a player prefers the traditional Bingo gameplay without the need of Power-ups?

Even Bingo purists can enjoy playing Bingo Blitz without worrying about using any Power-Ups. They can play traditional Bingo by choosing to play in the ‘City of Plano’ within the game.

2. How can a Bingo Blitz player be sure that they have obtained a Bingo?

Before calling out a Bingo, the player needs to be sure that they really have one. If they called out a Bingo incorrectly then they will have to forfeit their card. However, this can be avoided by paying close attention to the Number Display board, where a player can keep an eye on their numbers. This board can also be used to keep track of any numbers that the player might have missed when they were being called.

3. How can a player claim Bingo if they have checked off a Bingo pattern on their card?

A button with BINGO written on it can be found on the bottom-side of every card. If a player is absolutely sure that they have a Bingo, then they can click on that button in order to claim it.

4. Why do numbers continuously get called even once a player gets a Bingo?

Even after a player wins the first Bingo, more numbers get called so that other players get the opportunity to win prizes as runners-up. A player can check where they stand in that round towards the bottom-side of the game.

5. What exactly are Team Points in Bingo Blitz?

When a player or their teammate finally gets a Bingo, they get Team Points added to the weekly total of their team. Plus, cities on higher levels will give more Team Points whenever a team gets a Bingo. Moreover, when a team reaches different milestones with their Team Points, they get to unlock several bonuses for their team. There is a progress bar located in the Lobby right above the leader board, where a team can keep track of everything.

6. What can be done when the Bingo Blitz starts to glitch, move slowly, or has jumpy animations?

If the game starts acting weird, this means that the player either has numerous apps/tabs open or they are playing on an old computer. It will greatly help to close other browser tabs, programs, or apps that might be running in the background. This applies for both the PC and mobile phones. However, if the problem persists then there is another solution. In the Bingo Blitz game, there is an Eye icon located at the top-right side of the screen. By clicking this icon, a player can lower the quality of the graphics within the game, which might help improve the speed.

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