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Bingo Blitz rooms are the main virtual rooms of the game where the players move across different cities mentioned on the world map. They are the place where the players play the matches and then earn rewards from its various elements. learn more about Bingo Blitz with these awesome guides like Bingo Blitz guide and reasons to play Bingo Blitz.

What are the rooms in Bingo Blitz?

What are rooms in Bingo Blitz

In Bingo Blitz, Bingo rooms are virtual spaces of the game where you earn different elements. The collection of all these elements helps you to move forward to other cities. Moreover, there is another feature of Bingo Blitz that has seasonal rooms and events as well. They are prone to change the theme every week. There is a long list of Bingo rooms or maps. That includes New York, Sydney, London, Tokyo, Dublin, Area 51, Paris, Istanbul, etc. Every room represents a different country or city. You can even earn more and get more power-ups or bonuses from certain rooms of high level.

How to unlock new rooms?

How to unlock new rooms in Bingo Blitz

To unlock new rooms in Bingo Blitz, you have to daub the squares on your bingo to get an experience point or XP. These XP enables you to move forward and unlock new rooms and levels. This moving forward not only helps you to unlock more Bingo Blitz rooms but also enables you to get more rewards and bonuses. When you play for higher levels, you will earn more XP per daubing of squares. Moreover, it is said that the highest level one can reach on Bingo Blitz is 120.

Room Rewards

room rewards

There are several kinds of room rewards one can get with every level up in Bingo Blitz. With each unlocking or passing a level, you are likely to get more rewards, power-ups, collected items, etc. The room rewards include Bingo Blitz free coins, Bingo Blitz free credits, power-ups, keys, cash, etc. All these elements or rewards enable you to further progress in the game journey at a good speed without any delay or wait. All the room rewards enhance your gaming experience.

Coins and credits enable you to purchase different elements, power-ups can help to speed up the level, and keys help to unlock treasure chests or levels.

Bingo Blitz Rooms List

There are several levels and rooms that you will find in the Bingo Blitz game that will take you on different adventures and experiences. It will enable you to explore almost the whole world and its destinations virtually. Following are the rooms or levels:

New York

New York is the first room where the Bingo Blitz players are allowed to use the power-ups. Moreover, this room is somewhat like the room named Plano. The New York room will allow you to experience the city vibes along with your other friends and teammates. You can get 1-24 credit points from this room, while the coin payout is about 50-400. Through this room, you can only unlock one level.

Moreover, you have to collect certain 12 items that include the Statute of Liberty, and Unisphere that can only be unlocked through shadow cards, while other free items include designer shoes, pizza, pigeons, etc.


This Bingo Blitz room was launched in this game back in 2012. It was one of those rooms that were allowed for lower-level players. The difference in this room was the bingo pattern was a limited time stamp. You can get 2-48 credit points from this room. While the coin payout is 60-600 points. You can unlock 3 levels from this room. The collection items you get from this room are Flamenco, Tapas & Sangria, Matador Madrid New year, etc. All these items further help or boost your adventures in this game.


This Bingo Blitz room was one of those rooms that were first available in the first version of Bingo Blitz. In this room, you can claim the Bingo with traditional bingo patterns like Horizontal, vertical and diagonal. You can get 2-48 credit points or a payout. While the coin payout is 100-800 points. You can unlock 5 levels from this room.

 The collection items you get from this room include Great White Shark, Koala, Sydney Bridge, Jellyfish, etc. These items and their collection provide you with additional 4 daily credit points.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the original Bingo Blitz rooms in the launching time of the game. You can get 3-72 credit points or payout, while the coin payout is 150-1200 points. You can unlock 10 levels from this room. The collection items you get from Hong Kong Room include Golden Dragon, Giant Panda, Dim sum, Bamboo, etc. All 12 collection items achieved can provide you with additional 6 daily credits.

Atlantic City

Atlantic City is the first ever permanent room of Bingo Blitz. You can get 4-96 credit points or a payout, while the coin payout is 175 to 1400 points. You can unlock 15 levels from this room. The collection item of this room includes Salt water taffy, a Boxing cat, Beauty Queen, a Rolling chair, etc. These collection items provide you with the reward of additional 7 days of daily credit points.


You have to unlock 20 levels in Bingo Blitz to complete this room. You can get credit points or a payout of 4-96 points. While coin points are 200-1600 are achieved when you complete this room or level. The collection items from this room include Fish and chips, London Underground, London Eye, etc. These items when collected successfully will provide you with an opportunity. To get additional 8 daily credit points.


Athens is one of those Bingo Blitz rooms that are the winner of the player’s choice. You have to unlock 25 levels for this room to get completed. You achieve 5- 120 credit points. While coin points you can achieve from this room are 340-3400 points. The collection items from this room include Pottery, Lyre, Olives, etc. These collection items provide you with the opportunity to get the rewards like a one-time 150 credit points payout, a new frame, and a New Dauber for your Bingo game.


You have to unlock 30 levels in Bingo Blitz for completion of this room called Venice. You can get 5 -120 credit points through this room, while for coin points you can get 250-2000 points from this room. The collection items in this room include Da Vinci’s invention, silk, printing press, Violin, etc. These collection items provide you an opportunity to get rewards like additional 10 daily credit points.


You have to unlock 35 levels to complete this room. In this room, you can get 6-144 credit points. While for coin points, you can achieve 180-1800 coin points from this room. The collection items in this room include Dirndi, Tracht, Beethoven, etc. When you have collected all 12 collection items, then you are provided with a reward like additional 10 daily credit points, a new frame, and a special or unique dauber. All these rewards and items provide you enhanced gaming experience throughout your Bingo Blitz journey.


You have to unlock 50 levels to complete this room in Bingo Blitz. On completion of this room, you get credit points of 7-168 points. While for coin points you get 350-2800. You also get to collect certain items that are called collection items. Toronto rooms enable you to collect 12 items that includes Moose and Canadian goose that can be collected from shadow bingo cards only. While other items include Bear, Beaver, Maple leaf, etc. All these items help you in the further progress of the game and coming levels and rooms.

Other rooms

Along with these 10 rooms in Bingo Blitz you have other rooms as well. Like  Tokyo, Dublin, Paris,  Honolulu, Rome, Cairo, Istanbul, Cape Town, Dubai, Area 51, and many other cities and countries of the world. Every different room provides you with a unique experience, unique elements, and collection items. Moreover, the rewards and bonuses also vary with every room of Bingo Blitz.


Thus, it shows how important the Bingo Blitz rooms are for the overall game not like Bingo Blitz slots. And how it becomes a means for you to carry on the game and keep on unlocking new levels and rooms. It provides you with great adventure as well as many bonuses, rewards, free coins, and credits.

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