What are Bingo Blitz slots and how to play them?

Bingo Blitz Slots
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Bingo Slots are an important aspect of the Bingo Blitz game. That supports putting a bet and increasing the chances of winning more Bingo Blitz free credits and coins. You can enter any slot room as there is a whole library for slot rooms. Each slot room requires 12 achievements or elements to collect.

Though, Bingo Blitz slots are not the primary purpose of the overall game. They must not be overlooked as it provides you with elements and bonuses that help you to buy more Bingo Blitz Power-Ups that help you win levels and rooms and reach further in the game. Hence, Slots serve a purpose to move forward in the game.

This article will let you know about Bingo Blitz Slots in detail. So that you can know what you are missing out on if you are overlooking Bingo Blitz slots in your game journey.

Bingo Blitz slot machine

Bingo Blitz slot machine

Collective achievements are based on the following patterns:

  • If you collect five a kind symbol on the slot machine, then you will get the award of the collection item on it.      
  • You can get coins, bingo points, or collection items if you can pick symbols and match them. When it goes matching, then it means you win them. This is called a bonus round.    
  • If you have wheel spin on your slot, coins or collected elements are the prizes. If you bet a high amount it leads you to get a free spin so that you can get what you wanted a second time.

Where are the slots in Bingo Blitz?

Where are the slots in Bingo Blitz

You can switch to the bingo blitz slots mode from the side menu and go to the Bingo Lobby option. Then you have to select the bingo slot room to play in. You have to skim through the Slot album to reach a decision on which you have to play. also, You can check our Reasons to play Bingo Blitz

Some important Bingo Blitz slots tips are the following:

  • You have to flip through the album horizontally like a photo album. That enables you to skim through all the slot room options.
  • There is no restriction on slot rooms based on player level. Thus, a player belonging to any level of the game can play Bingo Slots.
  • Moreover, it is important to note. That there will be no slot rooms being added further other than the rooms existing in the Bingo slot album.
  • Other than the seasonal slot room and high roller slot room, you can use the free spins that are gifted by your friends in any room. Mostly in the featured and the ones that have no markers.
  • To go back to the Bingo lobby, you need to press X on the top right corner of the Bingo slot album.

Benefits of Bingo Blitz Slots

  • Bingo Blitz slots are a lot more flexible than traditional bingo cards. Everything is done automatically in the Bingo Blitz Slot room.
  • They have multiple lines. It means greater chances of matching and greater chances of winning and moving forward in the main game aspect.
  • It provides you with more bonuses and collective items and achievements. It enables you to further progress in the game and enjoy your time playing it with friends and family.
  • Bingo Slots also provide you with the opportunity to buy coins.

What information is displayed in Bingo Slot Lobby?

Some much-needed information is displayed on the initial screen of the Bingo Blitz Slot lobby when you select a particular slot room. It includes the following information:

  • It displays and informs you about the required minimum bet. So that you are not confused about the bet range and do not underestimate it.
  • Another important aspect is the number of players playing in a particular or single room. It makes you follow the guidelines and not go against them.
  • City star is displayed as well. This means you can fill the piggy bank by earning coins.
  • Moreover, it also makes you aware of how much your inventory is collected and completed and how much is left to find.
  • It also tells you about the collection completion rewards; it helps you to keep a check on your progress. And what you need to move forward with your Bingo Blitz game.

How do City stars help you in the game?

These city stars are only available in some of the rooms and bingo Blitz events. They help you to payout coins only when you fill it up and move forward to the next level. You have to spin the reels in the slots to get the city star to progress. It is said that free spin and bonus spin does not get you the progress as city star does.

What is the Hot Symbol in Slot rooms?

In Bingo Blitz, slot rooms randomly select a specific symbol that one has to win on that reel of the slot. It is added as a hot symbol for 5 minutes period. So whenever the first 5 people get the hot symbol 5 in a row that’s the time they win extra coins. These extra coins are above the jackpot prize. This HOT symbol games end whenever the 3 minutes is up or whenever any of the players gets the hot symbol (the game end with whatever option is accomplished first.)

The bonus you won from this hot symbol game is based on your bet amount. The person who gets first place gets half amount of the bet amount and the bonus value keeps on decreasing for other players who stood in the remaining places.

How does the Payout work in the hot symbol game?

The recent payout pattern in Bingo Blitz symbol games is like this:

  • The higher the bet or line the higher will be the payout.
  • Moreover, the payout of getting 5 in a row is also different.

The following are the rates with which the players are paid:

  • The player, who got 1st place for winning 5 items on the reel, will get 50% of the payout.
  • The player, who got 2nd place for winning 5 items on the reel, will get 25% of the payout you won.
  • Winning 5 items on the reel by getting the 3rd place will be given 12.5- 15% approx. of the payout.
  • The player, who gets 4th place in winning 5 items on the reel, will get 6.25 – 10% approx. of the payment you won.
  • The player who gets 5th place winning 5 items on the reel, will get 5% approx. of the payment you won.

Moreover, the payouts in Bingo Blitz are based on the items that are shown in hot symbols. The harder any hot symbol is to get, the higher will be the payout. No room differs in the payout patterns. All the rates and rules are applied to each slot room.

Following are the payout based on the result you bet on the line:

  • The hot symbol that is Number 2 gets 750 times the payout of your bet on that line.
  • The hot symbol Number 3 gets the payout of 500 times your bet on that line.
  • The hot symbol of Number 4 gets the payout of 250 times your bet on that line.
  • The hot symbol Number 5 & 6 gets the payout of 150 times your bet on that line.
  • The hot symbol Number 7 & 8 gets the payout of 100 times your bet on that line.
  • The hot symbol Number 9 & 10 gets the payout of 50 times your bet on that line.


Thus, all this discussion shows how important of an aspect Bingo Slots are for the game Bingo Blitz and how their value adds to your whole gaming experience and how it helps you in getting extra coins, credits, and bonuses. Bingo Blitz slots provide great flexibility, greater chances of winning, and opportunities of buying coins for your main bingo cards. Hence, we hope this guide about the Bingo Blitz slots will help you to gain insights and make your gaming insights more pleasant.

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