Coin Master Cards: The Definitive Guide

Coin Master Cards
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Coin Master Cards can be found throughout the entire game and are considered to be a collectible items. There are different collections throughout the game and each collection consists of nine cards. Once a player completes a set or collection, they are then rewarded with numerous gifts such as coins, free spins, pets, and so on. There are also rare cards in the game that hold more value, but at the same time they are harder to find.

The village level will determine the type of cards that can be discovered within chests and how rare they are. Rare cards, such as gold cards, are generally found in later village levels as the player makes progress. Plus, players can also trade the regular cards with their friends during any time.

A player can unlock the first wave of these cards as they make their way through the Coin Master game. They will unlock new cards as they move along and make progress through the villages, while completely upgrading the buildings.

It is in Village 3 where the first card can be unlocked, which means the player has to completely upgrade and finish the forest village plus the desert village in order to get their first card. After that, the player will unlock different cards as they make progress through the villages. For instance, after the third village, the next card will be unlocked at the fifth village, then the seventh, the twelfth, and so on.

The cards in Coin Master come with a progression-based nature, which means that the more rare ones are unlocked later on in the game as the player progresses further. All of the cards come with a rarity ranking, where some cards are Very Rare, while others are Very Low. Listed below are some of the rare cards that can be found in Coin Master.

  • Barrel Tank
  • Martian Lettuce
  • Farmer Feng
  • Torero

These four cards are considered to be the rarest ones in Coin Master. Hence, these are the best Coin Master Cards a player can add to their collection, since they will help them stand out among the crowd. Listed below are some of the other rare cards that come in second place on the rarity scale, but they are just as difficult to come by and hold a high value:

  • Creaky Crow
  • Satyr
  • Elder Elk
  • Aztec Princess
  • Hobby Horse
  • Smoking Pipe
  • Kettle
  • Mythical Tune
  • Santa

These rare cards might not give the player a massive gameplay boost, but they help in building an impressive card collection. As mentioned earlier, players can trade these cards with other players or even exchange them for different cards when it comes to bolstering their collection. Since players get tons of rewards for completing a collection, it is advised that they collect as many cards as possible in Coin Master, regardless of their rarity. With the rewards that they win, players can then continue upgrading their village.

How To Get Coin Master Free Cards?


Since finding and collecting cards is such a popular item in the Coin Master game, there is no doubt that a player would want to get as many cards as they possibly can. So how can players get these cards and where can they find them? There are numerous different ways through which players can acquire new cards in Coin Master and add them to their collection to complete their set.

Firstly, players can unlock cards by the random spins that are part of the Coin Master gameplay. After the player reaches the third village and gets their first two sets of Coin Master cards, they will get a chance to roll these cards in the random spinner. This is a common method to get cards, since the player gets more spins by waiting until the timer runs out and continues spinning for coins, chances of the raid, and so on.

Moreover, there are other methods through which players can get cards in Coin Master. Another effective way to acquire cards is through Coin Master chests. These are boxes that are filled with all sorts of freebies, which definitely include Coin Master cards as well, in addition to coins, Coin Master free spins, etc. However, there is also a chance that the player might get a card that they already have before, but that problem can be solved by exchanging the duplicate card for another chest or by using the coins.

Most often, cards are collected through chests that a player can win during Raids, by participating in Coin Master Events, or buy them using their coins. The type of card a player will find depends on the village level they are on. This means, the further they are in the game, the more chances they get to find rare cards in those chests.

Another way through which players can get more cards is by exchanging or trading the ones they have with other players in the game, meaning their friends that are also in the game. These Card Trades take place over various platforms like Facebook Messenger, where players set up these exchanges themselves. In order to send a card, the player has to go to their card collection and click on the card icon that can be found towards the bottom-left corner of their screen.

Next, they need to click on the card set that contains the card they want to trade. Once they find that card, they should click on it and there will be an option to send this card to a friend. Also, it is important to note that players can only send a Coin Master card if they have more than one card.

Furthermore, these cards have been spread out throughout the entire game and in all of its villages. Hence, if the player notices that they can’t find new cards, this means that they should move up a couple of villages before they continue searching. Also, it should be noted that it is not necessary that all of the players will find their cards in exactly the same places in the game. However, it is advised to purchase enough chests within the game so that the player has all of the cards.

Different Types Of Coin Master Cards


There are numerous cards that are hidden all over in different places throughout the Coin Master game. All of these cards can be divided into three main categories, which are listed below.

Common Cards

Common Cards in Coin Master

These are the standard cards that players can find in Coin Master. Common cards are mostly available in the earlier village levels and will be hard to find in the later village levels. Hence, players are advised to look for them early on in the game if they want to complete a collection that consists of common cards. Moreover, these cards can be traded during any time under the daily limit.

Rare Cards

Rare Cards in Coin Master

These are the cards that hold a high value within the Coin Master game. There are all sorts of rare cards that a player can discover as they progress further into the game. Gold cards are one of these rare cards that are hard to find but worth a lot. Also, Gold Cards can only be traded or exchanged during special events.

Joker Card

Coin Master Joker Card

These cards are earned during certain events or can be discovered within mystery chests. With a Joker card, a player can transform this card into any card that they want, which also includes Gold cards. Hence, a Joker card is quite valuable as well. However, this card has a certain time limit before it is expired, hence it is advised to use it as quickly as one can.

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