Coin Master Events: Everything You Need to Know

Coin Master Events
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The Coin Master game has gained quite the popularity since its launch. This attention-grabbing game by Moon Active is the perfect combination of slot machine games and battle royale strategies. Players get to spin the game’s slot machine and win numerous rewards that help them progress further in the game. There is a lot to explore in the Coin Master game. In addition to its standard gameplay, there are different events that take place within the game on a regular basis. Continue reading to find out more about what these events are.

What Are Coin Master Events?

Players who participate in these special events get to win tons of rewards like free spins, more coins, different cards, treats for their coin master pets, and so on. Every event is unique and comes with its own mechanics. These events expire after a certain time, hence players are advised to take advantage of these events as soon as they can.

Here are all of the events that take place in Coin Master so far. The developers might introduce more events as time goes on.

1. Village Mania


In this coin master event, players get a special discount when it comes to buying the village buildings. Also, in the different Village Mania events that take place, players can get almost 20% off on all village items. They could also expect to have 65% off on last items on every coin master village level.

2. Tournament Milestone

Coin Master Tournament Milestone

This is a newer coin master event which allows a player to win more rewards while they compete in tournaments. They would have to finish certain milestones within the competition and for that they get tons of prizes such as coins, spins, pet XP, pets, rare cards, and so on.

3. Attack Madness


In this coin master event, when a player attacks another Viking’s village, they will get closer to winning different rewards. Plus, the mission in each stage is higher as compared to the previous stage, and it is also higher than the prizes.

4. Raid Madness


Similar to Attack Madness, this coin master event consists of raiding another Viking’s village, which will help the player get more rewards. The mission in each stage increases as the player makes progress, including the rewards.

5. Village Master


As compared to other coin master events, this one is different. This is an achievement event, where a player who completes their village gets that achievement. It is filled with giant rewards that can’t be found in other events.

6. Viking Quest


This coin master event is basically a mini-game in Coin Master. Generally, the slot machine needs spins so that a player can win some rewards. But in Viking Quest, a player can obtain valuable rewards by using coins instead.

7. Set Blast


This coin master event lasts for a couple of hours. It is perfect for players who have completed card sets. With their finished card sets, they can win up to 50% more prizes such as spins.

8. Balloon Frenzy


This is a fun event where players can pop different balloons as they pass by their village. Once they do that, they get to earn different rewards.

9. Bet Blast


In this event, players get to make higher bets, take on their enemies, raid with their friends, and win a lot of rewards.

10. Cards Boom


In this coin master event, players will find 50% more cards in every chest they come across. For instance, in the wooden chest, there are three cards. The golden chest contains six cards, while the magical chest contains twelve cards. This will help players complete their card collection in no time!

11. Coin Craze


In this event, a player can win tons of coins. During this event, there is a multiplier button added and the spin button turns golden. This is the time when a player can win extra coins by attacking and raiding other players. Once the event is over, the spin button turns back to its regular state.

12. Cards For Chests


This is a coin master event where players can trade any duplicate cards that they own and get coin master chests instead. In the chest, they will find tons of rewards like pet treats, free spins, pet XP, and even more coin master cards. Also, it should be noted that throughout this event, trading cards won’t decrease the player’s game stars.

13. Gift Master


In this event, players can buy spin packs or coins and get a free gift icon that can bring them some bonus rewards. They can get more coins, chests, pet food, free coin Master spins, or pet XP.

14. Gold Card Trade


This is a special event where players can trade their gold cards with other players. This is the only event where players are allowed to trade gold cards, since these cards can’t be traded on a normal basis. In this event, a player can trade a maximum of two gold cards. Also, this is a limited-time event, so it is advised to quickly make one’s move.

15. Sea Of Fortune


In this fun coin master event, players have to be careful and watch out for different octopi. Every island that a player visits will display four boxes. In three of those boxes, the player will find a prize, while the fourth box will contain an octopus that is waiting to attack the player.

16. Tournament


In this coin master event, players compete with each other and can keep a track of their opponent’s progress. In order to join the event, players have to earn event coins first. They can do that by completing different actions such as raids and attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Coin Master Events

Listed below are the frequently asked questions that players have regarding the events that take place in Coin Master.

1. How Does A Player Get The Daily Reward In Coin Master?

In order to earn the daily rewards, a player needs to log in to the game on a daily basis and they will receive the login rewards. These rewards will increase every day as time goes on. A player will get rewards like coins, free spins, magical chests, and so on.

2. What Exactly Happens During Coin Master Events?

Players get to face new challenges in these events and earn numerous rewards. Completing each challenge (event) will allow a player to earn big prizes such as pet food, tons of free spins, gold cards, pet XP, coins, and so much more.

3. Are There Any Benefits Of Participating In Coin Master Events?

There are tons of benefits that a player can enjoy by taking part in Coin Master Events. As mentioned in this guide, players can double all of their rewards and earn tons of prizes at the end of each event. They also get a chance to win all sorts of cards like gold cards, rare cards, and so on.

4. What Should A Player Do In Case Of A Coin Master Event Error?

During a specific event, a player might receive an error message, for instance, the event might not show up in their game. If that happens, then the best option is to uninstall the game and then reinstall it.

5. When Is The Next Event In Coin Master?

This information is always a surprise for the players of the game, as the developers don’t announce anything in advance regarding the new event. Players can keep a lookout on Coin Master’s official Facebook page.

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