Coin Master free spins and coins links (November 2022)

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Do you spent all your coin master spins and looking for a way to get coin master free spins? Then you’ve come to the best place to get those free coin master spins.

Today you’re going to see all of my favorite tips that will help you get coin master free spins in 2022.

Before we get to the tips, let’s first understand what Coin Master spins are. Coin Master Spins are game currencies that you can buy from the coin master spins and coins shop, and you can use them to spin the slot machine. The slot machine is basically the life of the game. Through this machine, you spin and get something in return. If you want to know more about the coin master gameplay, I recommend checking out our Coin Master Guide because in this post I will not talk about the coin master basics, but I will show you my 15 tips that I use to get coin master spins for free. Let’s dive right in…

The first tip is to take advantage of coin master links. Below you will find coin master links for free spins. You can click all of those links to get coin master free spins and coins. These Coin Master free spins links are updated daily. Plus, they are safe to use and tested to see if they work.

Coin Master free spins on November12

  1. 25 free spins
  2. 25 free spins
  3. 3 million coins
  4. 25 free spins
  5. 25 free spins
  6. 3 million coins
  7. 25 free spins

Coin Master free spins on November 11

  1. 10 free spins and 1 million coins
  2. 25 free spins
  3. 25 free spins
  4. 25 free spins
  5. 10 free spins and 1 million coins

Wondering how you can use the coin master free spins links? It’s simple, just open coin master and visit this page where coin master daily free spins are posted. Click on the updated coin master links, and you will be redirected to the coin master. After that, click on the collect button and enjoy free spins on coin master.

Coin Master Free Spins Links

If you don’t want to miss any coin master free spins links, make sure to bookmark this page and check it from time to time. Also, enable notifications to receive updates about coin master free spins links.

2. Complete Card Sets


You can get coin master spins by completing the coin master card collections. With every card set you complete, you will get a big amount of coin master free spins depending on what card set you completed.

How to get Coin Master Cards?

You can get coin master cards by buying chests using coins or requesting cards from friends. There are three types of chests:

  • Wooden Chest: It costs 7 million coins and contains 2 cards. There is a high chance to get 2 and 3-star cards.
  • Golden Chest: It costs 21 million coins and contains 4 cards. There is a high chance to get 3 and 4-star cards.
  • Magical Chest: It costs 39 million coins and contains 8 cards. There is a high chance to get 4 and 5-star cards.

How to buy chests on Coin Master?

If you want to buy a chest, click on the menu and buy the Coins/Spins. Then select the chest you want to buy. Or click on the menu and card collection, then click on the chest icon and select the chest you want to buy.

Coin Master Cards

There are several different card sets, and every set contains nine cards. To complete a set you have to collect all nine cards. However, that isn’t easy because not all coin master cards have the same value.

There are some cards that are very common in the chests but some are also very rare, such as the gold cards. If you want the rare cards, you will have to buy more chests or request the cards from friends, but they can’t send you the gold cards. Also, there are some tricks that can increase your chances of getting the coin master rare cards from these chests. You can find them here.

Now I’ll show you the tips that you can use to get the maximum free spins on coin master by completing the card sets.

Set Blast


Set Blast is the best card event in Coin Master. Any card set you’ve completed during the set blast event, you will get thirty percent of the coin master free spins, coin master free coins, pet food, and pet XP.

It’s time for me to show you how I get the maximum number of coin master free spins from the set blast event.

I collect as many gold cards as I possibly can. Once I have collected a lot of gold cards from different card sets, then I trade all the remaining white cards or I ask my friends to send them but I don’t open them until there is a Set Blast event. Hence, I complete a lot of card sets and get a bunch of coin master free spins in return.

How to get gold cards?

You can get coin master gold cards by buying chests using coins or trading them in the Gold Card Trade event. The Gold Card trade event is an event where players will have the ability to trade two Gold Cards which are shown in the pop-up. If you want to learn more tips about the Gold Card trade event, I recommend checking out our Gold Trade Tips.

The Joker Card


The Joker card in Coin Master is a very valuable card that is usually found in mystery chests, or earned in events. What makes it so important is its ability to turn into any card you want. If you lack one card to complete a card set, then the joker card is the solution.

But this card also comes with a disadvantage. It expires after a certain time period, therefore, you can’t save it until there’s a set blast event in order to get the extra free spins on coin master.

Do you want to beat the joker tournament to get a joker card? Check this.

Cards Boom


Cards Boom is also a card event. During this event, for every chest that you buy, you will get fifty percent more cards.

  • The wooden chest will reward you with 3 cards.
  • The golden chest will reward you with 6 cards.
  • The magical chest will reward you with 12 cards.

So what you have to do is buy as many chests as you can, and that way you will get a lot of free gold cards. Also, you will save a lot of coins.

3. Complete Villages

Completing the buildings of a village will give you some free coin master spins, but I will show you how you can get a lot of coin master free spins by completing villages. First, let’s see what are villages in coin master.

The villages in coin master are similar to different levels in other games. There are 316 villages, and every village has five buildings. Every building contains five levels, where every level is more costly than the last one, including the villages too. So to advance to the next village you should upgrade all the five buildings in the current village to level five.

Now let’s see the tips that you can use to get a lot of coin master spins for free by completing villages.

Village Boom


The word ‘Free’ is awesome. Especially when that “free” whatever is giving you extra free coin master spins. So what is village boom? Village boom is a sub-event in coin master, which gives you extra free spins by completing villages.

I see a lot of players completing their villages while there’s no village boom or village master event. If you are doing this too, then you’re missing a lot of the “coin master free spins”.

What you have to do is stack coins as much as you can and never complete a village until there’s a village boom or village master event. Then spend your coins on completing villages, and this way you will earn a lot of coin master free spins, coin master free coins, and free XP.

Village Master


Village Master is not different from Village Boom. Every village you complete during village master, you will earn extra free spins for coin master, including free coins and XP.

The difference between Village Boom and Village Master is the rewards. Village Master gives you fewer free spins for coin master. Also, you can use the same village boom strategy to beat this event.

Village Mania


Village mania is different from the village events that I’ve mentioned above. Village mania does not give you coin master free spins or other rewards. However, during village mania, you get a discount on specific or all village buildings, and you don’t have to complete a village to get that discount. So if you don’t want to complete your village so soon, you still profit from that discount.

4. Reward Calendar


The rewards calendar is one of my favorite resources to get coin master free spins daily, which not just includes free spins but other rewards too.

The Rewards Calendar is divided into two parts:

The first part: On top of the calendar, there is a 30-day progress bar with different gift boxes along the way. Every box contains coin master free spins, coin master free coins, or both. The best thing on the rewards calendar is the mystery chest, which means you have a chance to win a joker card for free since one out of ten mystery chests contains a joker card.

The second part: There are seven rewards, and you can collect one of these rewards every day while also adding a point to the progress bar above. On day seven, you get the biggest reward on this part.

The best thing that I love about this part is the rewards. You can get a lot of free rewards such as coin master spins, coin master coins, pet food, XP, and chests. The thing that I don’t like about this part is if you miss a day, you will have to start over again at the first day reward. So make sure to login daily to avoid this.

How to unlock the rewards calendar? To unlock the rewards calendar you have to reach village 11

How to open the rewards calendar? Click on the menu, then click on the reward calendar.

5. Cards for Chests


We all buy a lot of chests, and we might not get new cards on every chest we open, which means we have a lot of duplicate cards. Even if we’ve sent a lot of them to our friends, we still have many of those cards left. So what are we going to do with them? Here comes the role of the cards for chests.

On cards for chests, you can trade your duplicate cards for new chests. What will I get in these chests, you ask?

There are three types of chests:

  • The first chest: costs 75 stars, contains 4 cards, 10-100 free spins, 250-2.5k XP.
  • The second chest: costs 750 stars, contains 6 cards, 50-500 free spins, 1.3k-13k XP.
  • The third chest: costs 3000 stars, contains 8 cards, 100-1000 free spins, 5k-50k XP.
  • 1 out of 50 chests contains a joker card.

What are these stars? They are not game stars that you gather by building villages; they are card stars. Every card shows several stars at the top and that is its value. These stars are added up when you select the cards that you want to trade for a new chest.

On cards for chests, you can select which cards you want to trade manually or let the game choose the cards for you. You can also enable the auto-select by tapping on the “select cards for me” checkbox.

After you trade your cards, a timer will appear which will lock the trade for another chest of the same type for a certain amount of time. If you want to skip that timer, you have to pay some coins.

How to open cards for chests? Click on the menu and go to the card collection, then click on the second chest icon.

6. Invite Friends

Coin Master is a fun game, and playing with your friends is more fun since they can help you get coin master cards and free spins.

The cool thing is that you can get coin master free spins by inviting friends to play the game. You can get 50 free spins and up to 200 free spins, depending on what level you are in.

How to invite friends on coin master?

To invite a friend, go to the menu and click on Invite Friends, which will allow you to send the invitation link to your friends. Note that to receive your free spins, your friend needs to click the link, download coin master, open it, and connect their Facebook account to the game.

7. Friends Gifts

Having friends in coin master is fun! You can attack them, raid them, and also get revenge when they attack you.

The real fun of having friends in coin master is that they can gift you free spins, coins, and cards. That way you will get a lot of coin master free spins depending on how many friends you have. For example, if you have 100 friends, you can receive 100 coin master free spins per day! Also, you can send gifts back to them. By doing this, the spins won’t be deducted from your account. This is a feature that coin master developers added to the game for friends to help each other.

How to send gifts to your friends? Click on the menu, go to Gifts, and select what gift you want to send, such as free spins, free coins, or cards.

8. Viking Quest


What is Viking Quest? It is an event in Coin Master that allows you to win coin master spins, coin master coins, coin master free gold cards, XP, and chests. In order to win all these prizes, you must have a big amount of coins and you need to bet your coins to finish 10 missions.

In the Viking event, there’s a slot machine but it’s different from what we know in the game. In the viking slot machine, you will use coins instead of spins.

This event in Coin Master is risky because you are likely to lose. But it’s worth it and with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can increase your chances to win.

You can tap on the gift box to see the mission map which shows your progress through the 10 missions that you have to complete to win the rewards.

When you start playing the Viking event, you will start with the first mission unlocked and the other missions locked. To unlock the second mission, you have to complete the first mission and you have to progress until the last mission.

You can see the rewards that you can win on every mission by tapping the gift icon on the map. The grand prize is a mix of coin master rewards such as 850 million coins, 5000 free spins, XP, and a free gold card, which increases the chances to complete your card sets.

9. Balloon Frenzy


The Balloon Frenzy event is a fun and easy way to get coin master spins and coins for free. You can get the balloon frenzy event randomly in the game and sometimes you can claim it from our coin master free spins links.

How to play the balloon frenzy event? It’s simple. Just click the Get Popping button and you have to spin the slot machine. Then balloons will appear on the screen and you have to tap on them to make them pop. Each balloon you pop, you will get some free spins or coins. The higher you bet equals to more balloons that will then appear.

Note that the balloon frenzy is not the only event where you have to pop things. There’s a similar event like grab a ghost and many more, and in these types of events you can win up to 1000 coin master free spins.

10. Participate in Tournaments


Tournaments are fun multiplayer events where you compete with other players to win coin master free spins, free coins, free XP, free joker card, and gold cards. In these tournaments, you compete with fifty players, and the players who rank in the top ten places will win the rewards. Your goal is to rank on the number one place on the leaderboard.

You can track other players’ progress on the leaderboard. Also, there is a progress bar with several rewards such as free spins, free coins, pet XP, or gold cards that you can win by progressing on the tournament.

In order to join these tournaments, you have to earn tournament points by attacking, raiding, or collecting symbols in the slot machine.

Before you join the tournament, you should make sure you have enough spins and check the rewards if they are worth spending your spins.

Tip: Every tournament has a specific end time. You shouldn’t join the tournament at the beginning, but rather wait until the last hours to know if you have a chance to rank in first place on the leaderboard. This is because sometimes you may lose all your spins so that you rank in the first place.

Since it is still too early for the tournament to end, the other players can come and overtake you, and you will not win the big prize. Also, you have lost all your spins, so that way you will have to buy spins again.

11. Rewards Mania


Rewards mania is a sub-event in coin master. Rewards Mania helps in collecting even more rewards from main events such as free spins, free coins, free coin Master pet XP, chests, and even events.

During the rewards mania event, you will see extra rewards on the side of the main event rewards. To win the rewards from rewards mania, you have to achieve the main event rewards. Then you will collect both main event rewards and rewards mania rewards. Keep in mind that the rewards mania will only be live for a limited time, you can click on the extra rewards to check how much time is left.

In order to win the maximum amount of coin master free spins and other coin master free rewards from events, you shouldn’t spin if there’s no rewards mania event.

12. Offers


Offers? But the offers are a paid way to get coin master spins and you said you will show us how to get coin master spins for free? Yes, you can get coin master free spins from offers.

There are some amazing offers in coin master that gives you coin master spins for free. Plus, there are not just free spins but other rewards too.

In these offers, there are three rewards, and each reward can be collected one time, two times, or three times. The first reward is unlocked and other rewards are locked. You will have to collect the first reward to unlock the second reward, and you have to collect the second reward to unlock the third reward. Also, you can collect some rewards for free, but sometimes you have to pay to collect them.

13. Wait

This is another way to get free coin master spins, you just have to wait! When you lose your spins and you have less than what you can stock, you get five free spins every single hour until the stock is filled.

Tip: You have to calculate how many hours you have to wait for the stock to be filled, then visit coin master and use those spins to get more free spins again.

14. Spin The Slot Machine

There are three spin symbols in the slots machine. Hence, if you get the three spin symbols in a row, you will get a lot of coin master free spins, depending on how much you bet.

For example:

  • If you bet X1 you will get ten free spins.
  • If you bet X10 you will get a hundred free spins.
  • If you bet X100 you will get a thousand free spins.

15. Watch Video Ads

This is an amazing way to get unlimited free spins on coin master. All you have to do is watch a video ad to get free spins, but only when you have less than ten spins. So if you lost all your spins, you can get unlimited free spins to finish events and to collect the events rewards.

Note that video ads are no longer available and you can’t get free spins by watching ads anymore.

How to Get Coin Master Free Coins

Coin Craze


Coin Craze is a coin event that helps you collect even more coins! When the Coin Craze event is live, it gives you free coins by multiplying your coins on every raid, attack, and spin.

When the Coin Craze event is live, it turns your spin button gold. That is the time to hurry up and spin to get your extra free coins because it will be live just for some minutes. Once the event ends, your spin button will return to its normal color.

Daily Bonus Wheel


The daily bonus wheel is a wheel that you can spin once every day to win an amazing amount of free coins. When you collect the free coins, you have to wait until the next 24 hours to spin again and you will see that in the countdown timer. If you want to spin the wheel without waiting until the next free spin, you will have to buy it. By doing that you will get a 10 times higher amount of coins.

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