Coin Master Ghost Mode: Step-by-Step Guide

Coin Master Ghost Mode
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The Coin Master game has tons of features that players enjoy interacting with. Hence, the Coin Master community discovered several tips and tricks along the way, in addition to the official functions and features of the game. If you are looking to play Coin Master like a professional, then you need to learn everything that there is regarding Coin Master Ghost Mode. In this detailed guide, you will learn about a new function of the Coin Master game called Ghost Mode.

Generally, in the Coin Master game, there are several village settings where players are required to build their village, take care of it, and keep their village safe. Another feature of the game is to attack different villages and take their resources. After finishing your own village and perfecting it in every way, you progress on to the next level. You also have to protect your village against attacks by using good defense and utilizing the Rhino pet to shield your village from attacks. However, another way you can avoid battle is to activate and take advantage of the Coin Master Ghost Mode by completely hiding your Coin Master village from other players.

The official developer of Coin Master does not think of Ghost Mode as an official function of the game. But there are numerous players all across the world who use this smart trick in order to keep their villages safe from other attackers. Through Ghost Mode, players can take their Coin Master account off of the rack, hence it cannot be traced by their friends or even searched for. Therefore, it is similar to playing the game like a ghost, so no one is able to track you.

How Can Players Activate Coin Master Ghost Mode?

How To Activate Ghost Mode In Coin Master

The Ghost Mode is a feature which every Coin Master player should take advantage of and should know how to activate. Listed below are the steps through which players can activate Ghost Mode while playing Coin Master and hide their village.

  • The First Step: Firstly, the player has to exit the game and go to their Facebook app.
  • The Second Step: After they have opened their Facebook app, they need to go to their settings.
  • The Third Step: Once they reach their settings, they have to click on the App plus the website.
  • The Fourth Step: Next, they need to pick the option that says that they are logged in through Facebook.
  • The Fifth Step: After that, they need to remove Coin Master from that list. In order to do that, all they need to do is tap on Coin Master and then tap the remove button.
  • The Sixth Step: Then they have to open the Coin Master game.
  • The Seventh Step: After clicking on the Coin Master game and opening it, the game might ask the player to log in. There will be an option to log in through Facebook. However, instead of doing that, the player should use the Guest Mode.
  • The Eighth Step: After they have logged in as a Guest, they have entered Ghost Mode and they can start playing the game. Now no one is able to track them.

Furthermore, another important thing to note is that once you go into Ghost Mode, you are still able to see your friends but your friends won’t be able to see you. Also, once you start interacting with any of your friends, then you will get out of the Ghost Mode and become visible again. Therefore, the key here is to play discreetly and not interact with your friends within the game.

How Can Players Disable Coin Master Ghost Mode?

How To Disable Ghost Mode In Coin Master

Players also have the option to disable Ghost Mode when playing Coin Master. The steps are easy to follow and they are listed below.

  • The First Step: The player needs to stop playing the Coin Master game and close it.
  • The Second Step: Next, they need to restart their internet.
  • The Third Step: After they have restarted their internet, the player should open the Coin Master game once again. However, this time when the game asks them to log in through their Facebook account, they should go ahead and do it. Once they do that, they have successfully disabled Coin Master Ghost Mode. However, if the player comes across any issues, then restarting the game one more time might help.

What Are The Pros Of Activating Ghost Mode in Coin Master

Activating and taking advantage of the Ghost Mode feature comes with quite a few benefits for the player. Even though the pros of this feature are few, their impact will greatly help the player boost their game and take it to another level. Listed below are the pros of activating Ghost Mode in the Coin Master game.

1. You Do Not Have To Worry About Any Raids

A great advantage of using the Ghost Mode while playing Coin Master is that your Facebook friends won’t be able to see you, hence your village will never be raided by them. You, on the other hand, can easily raid their villages when in Ghost Mode.

2. You Will Experience Lesser Attacks

Even though, other players can’t see you, there is still a chance that your village can get attacked. However, the chance of that happening decreases tremendously when you are in Ghost Mode. The reason for that is simple.

When a player doesn’t log in using their Facebook account on Coin Master, they are required to log in as a Guest in order to use Ghost Mode, hence they are playing under a Guest ID. Therefore, they can only be raided and attacked by other players using the Guest IDs as well. Also, there is a low number of Guest IDs in Coin Master and if a player has reached above the 50th village level then they only have to worry about a few number of attacks, as compared to a large number.

3. You Can Hide Your Coins From Other Players

When in Ghost Mode, you can collect as many coins as you want, just as you would normally. A great advantage is that with less number of raids, your coin stores will stay safe. Your friends won’t be able to see you in the game, hence they won’t be able to steal your coins.

However, since there is still a small chance of getting attacked and raided by other guest players, it is advised to use the coins you have collected and not store them for a long period of time. For example, use your coins to build your village, participate in Coin Master events, purchase chests, and so on.

Interacting With Friends In Ghost Mode

As mentioned above, your friends won’t be able to see you in Ghost Mode, while you can view them in the lobby of the game. They will still be visible in your list, when you open the Coin Master game. If you interact with them, you will become visible once again.

Moreover, the Ghost Mode won’t delete your account, but you will disappear from the server map until you come out of your Ghost Mode. Also, keep in mind that you won’t earn any rewards, such as coin master free spins or coins, for activating Ghost Mode since this is not an official feature in the game. You would have to earn those rewards the old-fashioned way through playing the game.

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