Coin Master: The Definitive Guide

Coin Master Guide
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What is Coin Master?

Coin Master is known as a highly popular mobile game, which was released about a decade ago by the Moon Active studio. This game combines the excitement of a slot machine with that of a base-building strategy game. The game starts off with a small tutorial that helps in introducing the basics of the game to the player. The main mission in the game is to obtain as many coins as one can. Players can earn these coins in three different ways in Coin Master (besides spending real money for them):

  1. Winning coins through the slot machines.
  2. Attacking the bases of other players.
  3. Raiding the bases of other players.

How to Play Coin Master

Coin Master’s gameplay is simple and easy to understand. As mentioned above, players get to spin the slot machines, raid others’ villages, ransack others’ villages to create their own, and obtain awards. Plus, players get to use different weapons to attack villages, obtain food for their pets (who help with getting more coins), earn XP, and collect cards to get more rewards. Listed below are these different features in more detail that can be found in the Coin Master game.

Building Villages In Coin Master

Building Villages in Coin Master

An important part of the game is to build one’s village. Players are required to construct five buildings in each stage of the game. Plus, they have to upgrade these buildings in later stages in order to receive a 5-star rating.

The cost of the buildings will increase depending on the player’s village stage, which means whenever a player enters a subsequent village, the building costs will be above the last one. So far, there are 293 Coin Master Villages and each of them comes with its own unique theme.

Attacking In Coin Master

Attacking in Coin Master

Another important feature of the game is the attacking feature, where players use a hammer in order to attack the base of other players. Users who have linked Coin Master with their Facebook account can pick a friend to attack. If they haven’t linked the game with Facebook then the game will choose a random player, who will receive the attack.

Once the other player’s village comes on the screen, you will be asked to choose the building you want to attack. After you attack the building, you will get a coin reward and this will also lower the star rating of the attacked building.

Revenge In Coin Master

Revenge in Coin Master

With this feature, a player can attack another player as a form of revenge, if that second player attacked their village. If a player gets a complete row of hammers in the spin machine, they will then be taken to the attacking screen, where they will be presented with a revenge option. Once they click on it, they will get to choose the opponent they want to attack from a list of attackers that attacked their village. Hence, they can pick a player to attack and take revenge. They will also get more coins, spins, and cards in the process.

Raiding In Coin Master

Raiding in Coin Master

The Coin Master’s raid is represented by a symbol of a cartoon pig wearing a bandit mask. If a player gets the same bandit mask pig in a row, this means that they performed a Raid. During this stage, the player cannot pick the opponent they want to attack.

The game will offer a random player as the opponent. The player will then see four large ‘X’ and could only dig three of those X’s. This will allow the player to win a lot of rewards in the game. Plus, if a player receives coins from all of the X’s, then that move is known as Super Raid.

Coin Master Slots Machine

The slot machines are the heart of the game where the player will spend the majority of their time. The slot machines can be found at the in-game menu or the player can swipe down from their Village view. The player can find their current number of available spins below the slot machine.

Every time they spin a machine, that number will go down by one. Once all of the spins are finished, the player has to wait for a while until the spins regenerate. Coin Master’s slot machines come with four reels that contain four different symbols. When a player gets the same symbol four times in a row, then they will have to immediately perform that action. The four symbols in these reels are:

  • Hammer
  • Pig Bandit
  • Shield
  • Bag of Coins
  • Energy Capsule


Hammer in Coin Master

The hammer in Coin Master is known as ‘Thor’s Hammer’ and a player has to match X3 of the hammers. This hammer is used to attack the villages of other players, as mentioned earlier. Again, using this hammer the player attacks buildings and increases their star level.

Pig Bandit

Pig Bandit in Coin Master

As mentioned above, this pig bandit symbol represents that the player just performed a raid, if the player gets them in a row. Once the Raid starts, the player is taken to their opponent’s village where they are provided with three shovels for digging holes. There will be different locations throughout the village that a player can dig up. These locations will be marked with a giant X. The three locations a player chooses will contain coins. These coins will be taken from the opponent’s coin stash.


Shield in Coin Master

The Shield in Coin Master is used to protect a player’s village from enemy attacks. In the beginning, the player gets a limited number of Shields that will protect their village and can be used three times. However, Shield will not be able to protect the player from Raids.

Bag of Coins

Bag of Coins in Coin Master

With coin bags, players are able to get more coins as compared to others. In order to win these coins, a player has to get the Bag of Coins symbol three times in a row in the slot machines. This will also help the players extend their game level. Each Bag of Coin after a spin will give the player a small reward, hence it is not necessary to get them all in a row. However, there will be a bigger payout once the Bag of Coins symbol appears all together in a row.

Energy Capsule

Energy Capsule in Coin Master

These are blue-colored capsules that appear in the slot machines. When a player gets three of these energy capsules in a row after a spin, they will win ten free spins in Coin Master.

Coin Master Free Spins

There are ways through which players can get Coin Master Free Spins. Buying the spins can be expensive, hence a lot of players get disheartened when they run out of spins. However, there are various methods that can help in obtaining more spins, and that too for free!

1. Stay Connected With Coin Master On Social Media

The developer of Coin Master, Moon Active, will often time share Free CM Spins on their social media accounts that players can take advantage of. In addition to free spins, players can also get other free goodies that they often post on their socials.

2. Get Free Spins Via Emails

There is an option to sign up to get Coin Master Updates through emails. In addition to that, players can also get daily free spins in these emails from Coin Master.

3. Inviting Your Friends

There is an option to invite your friends to join the game through Facebook. Once they successfully download and login through the link you provided, you will receive 40 free spins!

4. Get Free Spins As Gifts

If you have friends who also play Coin Master, you can request them to send you a free spin as a gift. Each player can send one free spin to someone else. The more friends you have in the game, the more free spins you can get.

5. Watching Video Ads

By watching ads, players can get a limited number of free spins each day. This can be done by scrolling over to the slot machine and tapping over the spin energy button at the bottom-right corner of the window.

6. Win Spins Through Spinning

By continuing to spin at the slot machine, when you have free spins, there is a high chance of you winning more free spins if three of the same energy capsule symbols appear.

Another way of getting free spins is by spinning. This is ironic. In one row, in case you come across three spin energy symbols, a bunch of free spins will be available.

 7. Go Up A Level

When a player goes up a level in their village, there will be extra free spins available for them. This can be done by buying new buildings and improving them in order to reach the next level. 

 8. Participate In The Events

Coin Master hosts several events on a daily basis, hence this is another way through which players can get free spins. At the top-right corner of the slot machine’s window, underneath the Menu, you will see a virtual button in the shape of three lines. By clicking on any of those lines, you will be taken to the featured event.

 9. Wait to Get More Free Spins

Every hour a player will get five free spins. So the more they wait to play, the more spins they will collect. The maximum free spins a player can get through this method is 50. However, these free spins will disappear after some time, hence it is best to put a reminder to use them. The more you play, the more free spins you could potentially get.

 10. Get The Complete Card Sets

When a player completes their card set, they will receive a reward, such as free spins. The more card sets they complete, the more rewards they will get.

11. Play TheViking Quest Event

During the Viking Quest event, players can win different rewards such as pet potions, XP, gold cards, and free spins. The Viking Quest event contains different stages and there is a reward waiting for the player at the end of each stage.

12. Free Spins With The Reward Calendar

This is the easiest way to get free spins. By playing Coin Master on a daily basis, players can collect their rewards from the rewards calendar.

13. Free Spins In The Coin Master Chest

The Coin Master chests are basically a treasure box filled with all sorts of rewards. Some of those rewards consist of free spins.

Coin Master Pets

There are different pets in Coin Master that will help move your game forward. By activating these pets in each village, you will grow as a player in Coin Master. There are three pets that you will find in coin master and each one comes with its own unique ability.


Foxy Pet In Coin Master

This pet is a favorite one of a lot of users. With Foxy, players can get additional bonus rewards. Plus, Foxy will help players during Raids.


Tiger Pet in Coin Master

This pet will help players when they are attacking their opponent’s villages. Plus, it also helps in assembling coins.


Rhino Pet in Coin Master

This pet is used as a shield for protection purposes. It gives players 70% shield protection when it comes to keeping their villages safe from attackers.

Coin Master Cards

Cards in Coin Master can be obtained by opening different chests, which can be acquired by using coins. There are numerous card collections and each collection is made up of nine cards. Once a player gets all nine cards and completes a set, they will be rewarded with great gifts in the game. Players can also trade cards with their friends in game. Maximum of five cards can be traded in a single day.

Normal Cards

Normal Cards in Coin Master

These cards can easily be found in chests, raids, or even in trading groups. However, it is the rare cards that players usually go for since these can win them more rewards. Moreover, normal cards can be traded at any time.

Golden Cards

Golden Cards in Coin Master

These cards are the ultimate treasure for Coin Master players. However, finding these cards is quite rare. The set that consists of these rare gold cards gives rewards that are of great value. Also, players can only trade gold cards during special events. Plus, a gold card cannot be traded with a standard card.

Joker Card

Coin Master Joker Card

This card is considered to be very rare in Coin Master. A great ability of this card is that it can turn into any other card, including a gold card. Players can get this card by taking part in events or by opening mystery chests. However, this card comes with an expiry date, hence it is important that players use it before that.

Coin Master Chests

Coin Master Chests can be bought from the in-game shop for coins. These chests contain all sorts of rewards for the players, such as snacks for pets, free spins, pet XP, different levels of cards, and so on. Mostly, these chests include the cards that a player needs to complete their collection. The more expensive chests will contain 5-star quality level cards, while the less expensive ones will contain the lower level cards.

Wooden Chest

Coin Master Wooden Chest

This type of chest contains two cards and tends to be cheaper in price. It mostly carries cards that have a 2 or 3 star rating. This chest can be availed after village 3. Players will also get random cards from this type of chest, hence there is a probability that they might get the same card for the second time. The possibility of getting a 5-star card is extremely low, but there is still a tiny chance that it can happen.

Golden Chest

Coin Master Golden Chest

This type of chest contains four cards. These cards might come with a 3 or 4 star rating. The Golden chest costs more than the wooden chest. This one can also be availed after village 3. Plus, players can also find random cards in this chest as well.

Magical Chest

Coin Master Magical Chest

This is the most expensive chest in the game. It contains eight cards and it can be availed after village 3 as well. Players can get 3, 4, and 5 star cards within this chest. Similar to the other chests, these cards will be random as well. However, there is a very high chance of getting new golden cards. The price of this chest, despite being expensive, differs from one village to another.

Coin Master Events

By participating in the Coin Master Events, players can considerably improve their position within the game. Catching the right event and staying active throughout it will help them go through the levels at a quicker speed.

For instance, in the Wild West Showdown event, players can win numerous rewards, such as free spins and coins. All they have to do is collect the sheriff stars when playing the slot machine. Players will get up to three stars for an attack, five stars for the perfect raid, and ten stars if they hit three sheriff star symbols. Once they have enough stars, they can win all sorts of rewards.

By winning free spins, players can continue playing the game and win more rewards. This will further help them build their villages, complete the card collections, and win more coins through which they can buy more things in the game. Just by participating in the Coin Master events, players can completely change their luck within the game!

By staying active throughout these important events, players can most definitely finish a couple of levels in the span of just a few hours. With the constant flow of spins during an event, a player can take advantage of something called super betting. However, it is advised to use this option carefully. For example, if a player won 1000 free spins, then super betting x20 will cause them to run out of their free spins after just 50 spins.

Moreover, when taking part in these special events, players’ earnings are quantified at an exponential level. Hence, they have a higher chance of collecting enough gold to complete a couple of villages in one go. For players who might win a smaller number of spins, it is advised to not use the super betting option. They can try something little like x5 or x3.

Coin Master Strategies

These are some of the Coin Master game-play strategies that can help players improve their standing within the game.

1. Avoid Hoarding Coins

Players who hoard their coins are more susceptible of losing those coins during a Raid. Hence, it is advised to players to always use their coins whenever they are able to buy something. This is highly important when they have no Shields to protect themselves from attacks or they haven’t unlocked their Rhino Pet just yet. Plus, a player with a massive quantity of coins is a target for Big Raids, which is a maximum bet Raid through which the Raider can walk away with millions of the other player’s coins.

2. Taking Advantage Of Big Raids

As mentioned above, Big Raids is a way for other players to steal massive number of coins. Hence, you can take advantage from this feature as well. It is advised to save your spins and use them to raid the extremely rich players.

Players can see the Coin Master they have been assigned above the slot machine, which also includes seeing the other player’s coin stores. By using maximum bets on the Coin Masters with a large collection of coins, players have the chance of getting a lot of money in a short span of time.

For Big Raids, the pet Foxy should always be active. Foxy provides another shovel that can help during Raids, hence the player has more chances of getting a lot of coins.

3. Purchase A Chest In Each Village

As compared to individual cards, completing a card set offers a lot of rewards. Hence, players should buy as many chests as they can whenever they enter a new village. These chests contain lower level cards and the more chests you purchase, the higher the chance of you completing a card collection. The earlier stages are the ideal time to get low-level cards since that becomes more difficult as you progress further.

4. Use Your Pet’s Bonuses

Your pet comes with a boosting effect and it will only be available for four hours once you activate your pet. So if you cannot play Coin Master for four hours, then you shouldn’t activate your pet and save that task for later. This also applies to the Rhino pet, which is used for protection. When a player is under attack, the Rhino won’t be able to protect their village until the player specifically sends it out to do so.

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