In-Depth Guide to Coin Master Pets

In-Depth Guide to Coin Master Pets
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An important part of the Coin Master game is the presence of the adorable little pets that help players throughout the game. The Coin Master game has a great feature where players can activate different pets in order to progress across different levels in the game. These pets help players win more rewards, such as coin master free coins and coin master free spins. They also help with during village attacks and keep the players’ village safe. Continue reading to learn more about Coin Master Pets in this comprehensive guide.

How to Unlock Pets

In order to use the pets in Coin Master, the player has to first hatch them. This is a simple and easy process. The first pet can be hatched when the player reaches Village 4 and that pet is Foxy. When it comes to hatching the remaining pets, the player has to complete different card sets. For instance, when the player completes the Beast card collection, that is when the Tiger pet becomes available to use.

Moreover, after completing the Creatures Card collection, players can use the Rhino pet. Whenever a new pet becomes available, the player receives a message to visit the pets section within the game and click the egg. The details of how to hatch the egg in order to activate and use the pet is further explained in the Tips and Tricks section below.

Ability Of Each Pet

Each pet in Coin Master has their own unique and special ability that helps the player in the game. By using these pets, a player can quickly turn into a pro in this game. There are a total of three pets in the Coin Master game and each one is different from the other.


Foxy Pet In Coin Master

The first pet is called Foxy. This pet helps the player during Raids. With Foxy, a player can raid up to 106% more coins in the game. At 100x, a single raid can give the player over ten billion coins. This is why Foxy is a lot of players’ favorite pet in Coin Master.


Tiger Pet in Coin Master

The second pet is called Tiger. This pet helps the player during attacks. By using Tiger, the player will get extra coins when they attack someone. Attacking other players in the game is one of the main features in order to move forward in the game, hence that is where Tiger can help.


Rhino Pet in Coin Master

The third pet is called Rhino. This pet helps the player keep their Coin Master village safe from attacks. Rhino provides a shield that protects the player’s village and precious items. The best time to use Rhino is when the player is building a village, but doesn’t have enough coins in order to complete it.

How to Upgrade Pets In Coin Master

When it comes to the abilities of the pets, each one of them can be upgraded. This will increase the player’s rewards and the protection that’s provided by them. In order to do that, it is important to collect more XP in the game. With more XP, players can increase the effectiveness of their pets.

Upgrading Foxy

By upgrading Foxy, players can convert regular Raids into Big Raids. This can help players get 10 million coins in one raid. Also, players can get 200x more coins as compared to what the Tiger pet can bring them, once they upgrade the Foxy pet.

Upgrading Tiger

As compared to raids, attacks are a lot more common in Coin Master. Hence, this is where the Tiger pet comes in since it is used during attacks. By keeping the Tiger pet active and upgraded, the player is able to prevent and avoid sudden event attacks.

Upgrading Rhino

If you want a certain item in a village, but it has been destroyed by another enemy attack, this is where upgrading your Rhino will help. By upgrading the Rhino pet, the player can save up to 70% of the enemies’ attacks.

How to Keep Pets Active


Similar to real pets, the pets in the Coin Master game needs to be fed in order to stay active, happy, and awake. If there is no food given to the pets, they won’t be able to perform their tasks. By giving your pets food, you will activate them and will be able to use them for four hours. During this time, you won’t be able to select another pet and would have to use the activated pet for those four hours.

The reason why you can’t activate multiple pets at the same time is because each pet has a specific ability or power that they are used for. They perform all of their tasks once they are awake. Only a single pet can be used at a time, depending on the player’s requirements.

Tips And Tricks to Use Pets in Coin Master

Here are a couple of tips and tricks that can greatly help a player when it comes to using their pets in Coin Master.

Hatching Eggs In Coin Master


Pets are required to be hatched first in order to use them. First, the player needs to go to the pet menu and look for the pet they wish to hatch. All they have to do is click on the egg and that is it. The egg will get hatched and the new pet will be ready to use.

Leveling Up The Pets In Coin Master


Pets in Coin Master perform a lot better when they go up a level. By collecting more XP, the player can level up their pet. All the XP they have collected can be found towards the bottom-right side of the menu in Coin Master Pets. Once the player has a sufficient amount of XP, their pet will level up automatically, while also increasing their abilities when it comes to the amount of help these pets can give their owners.

Buying More XP and Treats For The Pets

From the Coin Master shop, players can buy XP potions and treats for their pets in the game. This can be done by going to the slot screen and then tapping on the coin bank that can be found on the top left. Once the player reaches the Coin Master shop, they can find great deals by scrolling towards the bottom.

All of these deals are for Coin Master pet supplies where players can purchase all sorts of goodies for their pets. This will help in feeding the pets and keeping them active. Plus, all of these items can also be purchased periodically when playing Coin Master.

Get More Free XP And Pet Treats In Coin Master

There are ways through which a player can get treats and XP for their pets for free, instead of purchasing them. During certain moments, the player will receive treats and XP potions as extra gifts whenever they spin. They will get these on top of the rewards they have already earned.

Players can also get XP potions in the form of gifts for constructing buildings or when they fix their village items after they have been damaged due to the opponent’s attacks. By getting more treats for the pets, they will stay active and help the player throughout their game.

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