Coin Master Viking Quest Tips And Tricks

Coin Master Viking Quest
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Viking Quest is basically a mini-game within Coin Master. Similar to Coin Master, this game also offers its players tons of rewards such as free coin master spins, shields, pet food, rare cards, pet XP, and so on. In Coin Master Viking Quest, the player gets introduced to different events, where they get to experience something new each time and have fun.

Oftentimes, players are waiting for this exclusive event to come by since it offers tons of rewards to its players. Also, in this event the coins earned by each player are loot-free for about three minutes, meaning other players cannot attack your village in order to steal those coins. Moreover, if a player wins the game five times, the game will give them a Viking Quest playing card. They can then use this card to play the game and win tons of gifts in return.

How To Play Coin Master Viking Quest?

Viking Quest Tips And Tricks

Coin Master Viking Quest is quite easy to play. In addition to numerous rewards, this game also offers additional bonuses to its players. The game is played by spinning Viking slots by using coins instead of spins, which are generally used to play the Coin Master game. Players can see their progress on the mission map that’s located at the bottom-right of their screen. By observing their progress, they can monitor it accordingly.

Viking Quest Tips And Tricks

Viking Quest Guide

The Viking Quest game involves the skill and luck of the player in order to win it. However, there are still certain tips and tricks that always come in handy when playing this game. Continue reading to find out more.

1. Try To Play Calmly At First

As mentioned earlier, Viking Quest is a fun and exciting Coin Master event that offers its players billion of coins, including tons of other bonuses. However, in order to win these coins from the game, a player must already have millions of coins collected beforehand.

Once they have gathered around five to seven billion coins, they are all set to play in this event. At first, players are advised to calmly play towards the start of the event. This will earn them more prizes before the true storm arrives. In the first five levels, the player should just collect the coins using the bonus wheel. When they reach the sixth level that is when the actual quest begins.

2. Bet More Carefully

It is advised to be more careful when making bets in the Viking Quest event. Betting without thinking can do the player more damage than good. They could end up losing more coins instead of earning them. So what can a player do? Once you reach the sixth level, start the bet using the lowest number initially, then raise the bet after that first spin. By following a method like this, there are higher chances of the player winning more exciting rewards.

3. Use The Slot Machine Plus Bonus Wheel Trick

This is a trick that players can use if their constant betting isn’t bringing them good results. If you are having bad luck even after constantly betting in the game, then try this trick. Visit the slot machine area in the game, and use 1 to 2 spins. After that, come back to the bonus wheel. Next, start betting but set the bet to the minimum amount. Once you win 4 to 5 bonuses, raise the bet to the highest amount and start spinning again. After every 1 or 2 spins, you will definitely win something big.

It should be noted that this specific tricked worked for several players, however, there is no guarantee that this is going to work each time, since the game’s algorithm continues to change.

4. Stack Up Your Coins In Advance

As mentioned earlier, collecting your coins in advance is the best way to go. Without having at least one billion coins in advance, a player won’t be able to participate in the game. Hence, it is advised that a player should try playing in the regular Coin Master game before, so that they can win tons of coins.

5. Try Your Luck

When a player is making bets using the bonus wheel, they need to do that carefully since there are higher chances of them losing. Taking a slow start and then slowly increasing the speed to go higher is the correct way to do it. If a player bets 750 million coins in Viking Quest, for example, they might end up losing all of it. Hence, it is advised to start the bet using only 100 million coins at first and then increase that amount later on.

Betting a large amount right at the beginning is a great risk as the player can end up losing all of their coins in one go. Hence, taking it slow and making it double is the way to do it. The first five level of Viking Quest is when you need to bet slowly and then increase it gradually. This will ensure that you win enough coins that will help you move on to the next level in the game. The starting levels of Viking Quest are generally easy, and players can earn a lot of coins during these levels if they play the game smartly.

6. Do Not Neglect The Bonus Wheel

The bonus wheel is where players can earn tons of coins and win a lot of rewards. A method that will make sure that you win enough bonuses is to use a single spin at the slot machine, after that use the bonus wheel. However, if you aren’t winning enough bonuses, you can try spinning and then try the bonus wheel. When you start winning more prizes, that is when you need to start betting. That is how you can secure your bonuses.

7. Find Rare Cards

In a Viking Quest chest, players have a chance of winning a rare gold card. Even though the chance of that happening is low, it is still possible. There isn’t any specific hack to win this card. However, players can try by betting as much as they can. Once the player wins a massive number of coins, they can use those coins and try their luck. Players can try the bonus wheel and see if they get the card. If they receive something else other than the card, it is still a reward and they didn’t lose all of their money.

8. Try The Three Hearts Trick

There is a method that involves the combination of three hearts. In this method, a player should get a heart three consecutive times, so that they win. Even though, the game comes with a complex gameplay sometimes, a player should start by making minimum of three bets and then wait for the result. This method purely depends on the player’s luck and can be hard to win when played against a computer server. But there are times when players can win a lot by using this method.

Players can win pet XP, pet food, and a gold card as well. Making small bets towards the start is the way to go, and then that should be followed up with bigger bets. This will ensure that the player wins in the game.

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