Coin Master Villages

Coin Master Villages
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In the Coin Master game, players are required to complete villages in order to progress to the next level and earn rewards. These Coin Master villages come with different styles of decoration pieces and each village has a unique theme. The player has to construct different buildings and decorate them to earn points.

For building villages, players have to use the coins that they have to earn through spinning the Coin Master slot machine or raiding other players’ villages. The more rewards a player earns, the more islands they can unlock. Plus, by earning different decoration pieces and items, a player is able to decorate their village.

Moreover, in order to complete a village in Coin Master, the player has to construct five buildings. Each village in the game consists of various types of buildings that need to be built. The only way a player can progress on to the next level is if they completed their previous village. In Coin Master, the villages basically represent a level in the game that the player has to go through in order to move forward in the game.

How to Build Villages In Coin Master?

How to Build Villages In Coin Master

Within the Coin Master game, so far there are over 300 village levels available. Building a village requires using a lot of coins. For instance, a player has to spend more than three million coins in order to build their first village, more than five million to build their second village, and almost a billion once they cross the 74th village level. This cost continues to increase as the player progresses further into the game. Hence, the more coins a player has, the easier it will be to complete the villages.

So what goes on into building the coin master villages and completing them? Firstly, the player needs to fully upgrade all of their five items in their current village. As they make more progress, their Building Bar that’s located above their Coin Master village screen will gather more points. This allows the player to see how far they have progressed in completing their village. Once that is finished, a box filled with all sorts of rewards will float down and the player can begin to explore the new place.

Also, the player should always stay alert regarding any incoming attacks, since that can damage the village items.

Two Ways To Build Your Village

Players can construct their village by using two different ways.

1. Tap The Round Hammer Button

Build Villages in Coin Master

The player should tap on the round hammer button that’s present under the item (building) if they want to upgrade it. That is when the cost needed to build and the number of stars required to completely upgrade will be displayed. The player simply needs to tap that button once more and start building.

2. Go To The Village Shop

Village Shop in Coin Master

There is a square hammer icon towards the bottom-left side of the village screen. When a player taps on that, they will go to the Village Shop. Over there, they can just choose the items they want to work on and upgrade, and that is it.

How To Fix Village Items?

Other players can attack your village and destroy everything you have created. So how can a player fix their village once it has been destroyed? Whenever another player attacks and destroys someone’s village, the victim’s item that was directly attacked will downgrade, hence the star that the player earned for that item will be gone.

However, there are two ways through which the player that has been attacked can reconstruct their village once again.

1. Tap The Orange Button

Fix Village in Coin Master

Similar to how you initially construct a building, there will be an orange wrench button underneath the damaged item. All the player has to do is click it in order to restore the building. The cost of rebuilding the item and the number of stars it will need also appears as well. The player just has to click the button and begin the rebuilding process.

2. Visit TheVillage Shop

Fix Village in the Shop

As mentioned above, the Village Shop’s square hammer icon is located towards the bottom-left side of the village screen. That is where the player can go in order to fix their destroyed village. Once they are at the village shop, all they have to do is click on the Fix button that can be found next to their damaged item. This will restore their item and they can continue building their village once again.

How To Unlock New Villages?

Once a player completes a village level, they are known as the Coin Master. As mentioned earlier, there are over three hundred villages in the game and that number keeps increasing. These villages come with their own unique names and themes.

Progressing on to the next level is not that easy and that is because building a village will cost a lot of coins, as mentioned above. Hence, a player needs to always increase the amount of coins they have through free coin master spins.

Moreover, not all of the villages are unlocked in the game. Each village gets unlocks whenever a player completes their previous village and moves on to the next level. This is a step-by-step process, where the player needs to progress further in the game in order to unlock the different villages in Coin Master. By constructing all of the buildings in a village, the player completes that village (and level) and unlocks the next village.

What Are Boom Villages?

In Coin Master, there are villages called Boom Villages, where the player has better chances of gathering more gold cards or other rare cards that aren’t available in regular villages. In a Boom Village, it is advised to stay for a long period of time in order to see what type of drops one can get.

Boom Villages contain rare chests and within those chests, players can find these rare cards. There are over 50 Boom Villages in Coin Master. These villages are said to be the ultimate keys in order to unlock the extremely rare chests.

The rare cards found in these chests aren’t available anywhere else, hence Boom Villages help the players in this area when they are looking for the rare cards to complete their card sets. In addition to rare cards, players can find other rewards in Boom Villages as well such as pet food, XP, free spins, and so on.

This is a list of all of the Boom Villages in Coin Master so far.

LevelName Of Village
5Far East
7Sunny Hawaii
13Arabian Nights
15Wild West
20The Arctic
22Candy Land
34Dragon Lair
35Greek Island
37The Wizard
40Area 51
47Theme Park
55Jurassic Ville
60Robin Hood
61Deep Sea
62Don Quixote
79Tin Soldier
83Car Racing
87Baba Yaga
90King Arthur
93Caribbean Resort
95Egyptian Pyramids
98Milky Way
102Goblin Ghetto
107Golf Course
110Rice Farmer
112Irish Craic
117Ice Queen
136New York
138Punk Rock
141Space Pirate
142Mech Workshop
143Jocke & Jonna

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