DoubleDown Casino: All Slot Games and How to Play Them

DoubleDown Casino Slots
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DoubleDown casino consists of more than 200 slot games, with new ones continuously being added. These slots range from the classic slots to the Las Vegas hits! DoubleDown casino can be played on both Android and iOS through the doubledown casino app or on a desktop through your Facebook account.

Each slot is unique and offers you different gifts and a lot of DoubleDown casino free chips with excitement and fun. We have brought you this article to help you get familiar with all the various slots in DoubleDown Casino.

Megabucks Jackpot Slots

In DoubleDown casino, all the Megabucks slots are linked together into one Megabucks Jackpot. Upon hitting the jackpot in any Megabucks slot, the jackpot for all Megabucks slots will reset.

Megabucks Jackpot Slots in DoubleDown Casino

The jackpot amount is displayed in the main lobby, the Megabucks room, and each Megabucks slot. Moreover, a minimum bet level is required for you to qualify for the Megabucks Jackpot.

When one plays at qualifying bet levels, the total jackpot amount at the top of the sot lights up, which shows that you are eligible to win the Megabucks Jackpot.

When it comes to your Megabucks jackpot odds, the number of chips you wager matters. So, higher bets give you better odds of hitting the jackpot.

If you win the Megabucks Jackpot while having an active Booster, you will receive a large chip bonus along with the normal Megabucks Jackpot rewards. Do you want to learn more tips? Check out The Most Important Doubledown Casino Tips You Need to Know.

Jackpot Happy Hour Slots

The Jackpot Happy Hour begins every week in DoubleDown casino, starting on Thursday! During this time, some slots require fewer jackpot symbols to pay out the highest jackpot. You will know of the slots available during happy hour by a “Happy Hour” sticker on the slot.

Jackpot Happy Hour Slots in DoubleDown Casino

Those slots with Mega and Super Jackpots will pay the Mega Jackpot with one fewer symbol in their Jackpot Reel. Furthermore, the slots with internal jackpots will need fewer symbols in the slot in order to win the top prize.

For example, in the Piggy Jackpots slot, you normally require nine piggy symbols to win the Grand Jackpot, but during the Jackpot happy hour, you would only need eight symbols to win the Grand Jackpot.

Portrait Mode Slots

There are some slots in DoubleDown casino that just can’t be contained and need more room. They are just simply splendid! You may see an icon on the top right corner of the loading screen when loading slots with extra-large reels. This icon is asking you to tilt your phone.

Portrait Mode Slots in DoubleDown casino

To play this slot properly and enjoy it to the fullest, rotate your mobile from “landscape” (horizontal) to “portrait” (vertical). Once you leave this slot, you can simply bring your mobile back to landscape and continue playing DoubleDown Casino.

Mobile-exclusive slots

Some slots can only be played on the mobile version of DoubleDown Casino. This is because when support for Adobe Flash ended in December 2020, the slots which relied on this technology were removed from the web version of DoubleDown Casino.

Mobile-exclusive slots in DoubleDown Casino

Some of these slots are Betty White’s Twisted Tales, Cash Coaster, Cat Paws, Crystal Slipper, Day of the Dead, The Fates, Fire Horse, Firehouse Hounds, Garden Party, and Golden Eagle, and there are many, many more choose from.

Megabucks Room Slots

The slots that are located in the Megabucks room all consist of the Vegas-favorite Megabucks Jackpot. If you want to access the Megabucks room on your PC or Mac, click the Megabucks logo in the top right corner of the lobby, If not working, then you have to check DoubleDown Casino issues and how to fix them.

On a mobile device, you will see the Megabucks Room under the What’s Hot tab. If you wish to play a slot in the Megabucks room, just tap on the slot image or logo as you would in the regular slot lobby.

Moreover, to leave the Megabucks Room and return to the slots lobby, select ALL SLOTS or High Limit present in the top left corner of the screen on a PC/Mac. You can also click on the left-facing arrow in the top left corner. On a mobile phone, tap the Home icon in the bottom left corner.

How to View The PayTable on The Slots

The PayTable provides information about the slot’s symbols, lines, and payouts, as well as how bonus rounds can be triggered.

When playing a slot game on DoubleDown Casino on Facebook or their website, tap the icon at the upper right corner to find the paytable for most slots. Then, tap on Paytable and scroll through the pages to learn about the slots.

Some slots are laid out with a paytable button in the same section as the Spin button. If you see a button labeled “Pays”, you can click on it to view the paytable. Whereas, on your mobile device, the paytable can be viewed simply by tapping the “i” icon at the lower right of a slot.


How To Add Or Remove Slots From Your Favorites?

If you are too lazy to keep searching for your go-to slots out of so many options, you can just add them to your Favorites list and immediately start playing. You are allowed to add up to thirty slots, so the fun just became easier and quicker.

On Mobile

You can add a slot to your Favorites tab by tapping and holding its icon in the All Slots or What’s Hot sections.

And if you get tired of playing that slot and figure out it’s not your favorite anymore, you can simply remove it by tapping and holding the slot’s icon from within the Favorites tab.

On PC or Mac

Once you have launched a slot, click the grey Heart icon next to the PLAY NOW button to add it to your Favorites. The heart will then change its color to pink.

Select the pink Heart icon on that same screen to remove a slot from your Favorites list. It will then change its color back to grey.

Why Do Some Friends Have A New Slot That I Don’t Have?

One of the benefits of the High Limit Room is that it provides Early Access to some DoubleDown Casino’s highly anticipated games. To access the High Limit Room, one can either use a Booster or play in the Casino for three concurrent days.

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