Match Masters Events: How to Play and Win Rewards

Match Masters Events
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Match Masters has a lot of opportunities for you to earn rewards like coins, chests, boosters, and all. Match Masters events are one of those opportunities where you get several rewards while completing those tasks. Match Masters has almost 19 events. In this article, you’ll know about them in detail so that you can make the most of these game events to earn more free Match Masters boosters and rewards to further progress in the game.

What are the events on Match Masters?

What are Match Masters Events

Match Masters events are particular tasks specified as events with a fixed theme where you get special rewards for completing those events or levels. There are several events in Match masters. Mostly the numbers of events are 19.

How to play Match Masters events?

A special event is also one of the best tips for Match Masters and its success. The use of a special event can be done at cost of an event ticket. This is an exclusive event and its tickets are available for sale or as prizes. In each turn, the participant can keep an opponent’s booster.

How to Play Match Masters Events

Moreover, in Match Masters events, the level of boosters is limited. So that it is all equal and fair in the game when you win the same strength booster. In booster Clash, you will not get the trophies or stars. But you can easily win your opponent’s glory and the boosters. Besides the events, there are some other important things you should know about Match Masters like Match Masters stickers and albums, Match Masters perks, and Match Masters boosters probability, so I recommend you to read our Match Masters guide.

Match Masters Event Tickets

Match Masters Event Tickets

These are the currency of the game used only for entering exclusive events.  These event opportunities allow you to win special prizes and rewards that help you progress in the match masters game. These event tickets can be achieved by purchasing a special offer or you can win these tickets through the games or their levels.

Match Masters Events List:

You can always find an interesting event to play in Match Masters so that you can move forward in the game and collect many rewards and prizes. The main events are usually given on the top left side of the homepage, they appear for 3 days. You can also get the quick or RUSH version of these events, which will offer more rewards and challenges in the game. There are almost 20 events in this game which are as follows:

Booster Clash

Booster Clash Event

This Match Masters event cost you an event ticket. In this event, you can keep the opponent’s booster if you win the match, and each participant gets such a chance. The level of the opponent’s boosters is equal and fair so that they can have a match with the same strength boosters. In this event you will not get the trophies as a result or stars, you only get the boosters and your opponent’s glory. Once you’ve reached 3,800 Trophies, the game will unlock the Booster Clash event for you to play.

Cosmic Rush

Cosmic Rush Event

In the Cosmic Rush event, you will board a spaceship that contains limited oxygen that causes it to run over time. Buckle up yourself for a Match Masters lifetime experience in Cosmic Rush!

You have to keep checking your oxygen levels. Prizes keep getting salvaged just as you keep on moving forward into the new planet by matching numerous unlimited pieces. Your oxygen will increase due to matching four or more pieces. It will allow you to go towards the next destination.

Booster activation is achieved by the oxygen halt. There are some main boosters that you can get in this Cosmic Rush event. Namely: Monkey Joo Joo’s skull, Billie Boom’s Bombs, UFO, and SE’s balls, etc.

An important thing to remember in this event is to keep a check or track your oxygen levels because if it is close to 0 then no boosters or perks will be available for activation. So are you ready for Cosmic Rush? Get ready Cosmic Cowboys and Cowgirls for this epic adventure.

Here are some important Match Masters boosters and their abilities in Cosmic Rush event:

  • Vinnie Valentine/SE: It creates fewer hearts as compared to regular matches. It means it creates two hearts for Vinnie Valentine-SE and three for Vinnie Valentine.
  • Monkey Joo Joo: On the first activation it summons 4 Voodoo skulls and then for the second activation it summons one Voodoo Skulls and so on.
  • Brocco Boogie: On every activation, Brocco Boogie throws 2 disco balls.
  • Cleo Cadabra: On the second activation and forward, it throws only one Scarab.
  • Stars: With every planet exploration, you get a star. These stars will be added t your collection without any post-game animation.

Booster Blast

Booster Blast Event

This particular event in Match Masters is all about boosters. You will get points and earn rewards whenever you win the match against any kind of booster. The more the high-tiered booster you are playing against, the more points you can score.

Following are some rules that you need to follow to win the events and score the points and rewards:

  • You need to beat a bronze or silver booster to get 10 points.
  • You need to beat a gold booster to get 20 points.
  • You need to beat a diamond booster to get 30 points.
  • You need to beat a legendary/SE booster to get 50 points.

Moreover, other than this you can also earn more points from winning tournaments as well.

Color Circus

Color Circus Event

Color circus is one of the most colorful events of Match Masters. You just have to match certain colors to win as many points as possible. Here are the rules:

  • You need to match the green color to get 1 point.
  • You need to match the yellow color to get 2 points.
  • You need to match the purple color to get 3 points.
  • You need to activate the booster to get 4 points.

Moreover, there are several other chances where you can get plenty of points, one of them being by playing in tournaments.

Cookie Crunch

Cookie Crunch Event

Cookie crunch is one of the most delicious events you will get in the match masters game. Moreover, in this particular event, the cookie crumbs enable you to receive more rewards for any kind of special move you make in the game. Following are some guidelines or things you need to do to complete the event and get the rewards:

  • You need to collect a star to get 10 cookie points.
  • You need to collect 2 stars to get 20 cookie points.
  • You need to collect 3 stars to get 50 cookie points.

Moreover, if you need 5 more cookie points you need to make some extra moves.

There are several other ways you can earn more points, like by winning tournaments.

Digging Diamonds

Digging Diamonds

The digging diamond event is quite interesting for the Match Masters players, so what are you waiting for get those diamonds out and enjoy the event. You will see how rewarding it is to use those precious Diamond Boosters. Here in this event, you will be rewarded with double the event points in every chance or event you play. Following are the rules or things that you need to do to complete the event and get the rewards:

  • You need to get a star to get the 10 green diamond points.
  • You need to get 2 stars to get the 20 green diamond points.
  • You need to get 3 stars to get the 50 green diamond points.

Moreover, you can get 5 more green diamond points when your diamond booster is activated.

You can get 10 more green diamond points when your legendary/SE booster is activated.

Jurassic Run

Jurassic Run Event

Jurassic Run is one of the most interesting Match Masters events where you have to collect these friendly dinosaur eggs by making special moves and matches and by scoring more than your competitors. Following are some important things that you need to fulfill for completing the events:

  • You need to get stars to get 10 dinosaur eggs.
  • You need to get 2 stars to get 20 dinosaur eggs.
  • You need to get 3 stars to get 50 dinosaur eggs.
  • Moreover, you can get 10 more dinosaur eggs by achieving 5 more matches.

There are several ways through which you can get plenty of points, like by winning tournaments. So get ready and enjoy this interesting event to add to your gaming experience with Match Masters.

Score Party

Score Party Event

Score Party is another important Match Masters event. In this event, there are no winners or losers. You need to keep getting more and more scores so that you can witness your progress happening quickly on the event ladder. Following are some things you need to consider for scoring well:

  • You need to score above 100 points in your match to get 15 points reward.
  • You need to get 200 or above points to get 20 points rewards.
  • In case you invite a friend to play Match Masters then you will get 100 points reward.

Moreover, you can get other opportunities too to get more points like tournaments.

Seasonal Events

Seasonal Events

No matter if it’s sunny or snowy weather, Match Masters has got you covered with seasonal events. Participate as much as you can in all our festive events with dynamic and unique designs and amazing prizes or rewards. Following are some things that you need to consider completing to win all the prizes and rewards:

  • You need to get a star at the end to achieve 10 points.
  • You need to get 2 stars at the end to achieve 20 points.
  • You need to get 3 stars at the end to achieve 50 points.
  • In case through your referral your friend joined the game then it also allows you to get 150 points.

Moreover, multiple situations and opportunities will allow you to get a lot of points. These opportunities include tournaments.

Treasure Temple

Treasure Temple Event

The only focus of this Match Masters event is on winning trophies. Following are certain things you need to make sure to win before completing the event:

  • You need to get a star at the end to achieve 10 points.
  • You need to get 2 stars at the end to achieve 20 points.
  • You need to get 3 stars at the end to achieve 50 points.
  • In the case of the fire game, you can get 50 points.

Moreover, you can get more points and winning opportunities in form of tournaments.

Match Rumble

Match Rumble Event

Match Rumble is another dynamic Match Masters event. In this event, you get to play with numerous people in one single moment. You just have to make sure that you are not in the Red zone like in the least of scores.

It is quite an exciting and challenging event of the Match Masters game where your game skills are tested to the core as it has never been tested.

The importance of this event is that it is for socializing purposes which are opposite to our normal solo mode gameplay. The following are some essential things to consider for this event:

  1. You only have a quite rigid amount of time, moves, and rounds as well to play the event. That helps you to move forward in the Match Rumble, one thing to keep in mind is you have to complete each round of the event and remain in the green zone like in high scores.
  2. The game timer never gets stop not even for booster activations or animations. So one must keep that in mind to play and win before the game is over.
  3. Remember that when the time is up and it strikes 0 you won’t be able to get any more scores or activate any booster.
  4. Now the person, who has the highest score, in the end, is the winner of the final round.

So are you ready to play Match Rumble in Match Masters?

People who get the 1 position are the only ones receiving the Match Masters gifts or prizes. Moreover, there is no fixed limit on how many times one can get the 1 place. So don’t waste time and go secure your position and gifts.

Following are some insights regarding the fact that in Match Rumble you get stars:

  • In case you are playing an event of 10-20 Players, and you survive one round of it then you can get 1 star. If you survive 2 rounds then you can get 2 stars. The best possible situation will be if you win the Match Rumble then you can get 3 stars.
  • In case you play an event of 30-50 Players and you survive only one round you get a star, if you survive 2 rounds then you get 2 stars and in case you survive 3 rounds you get 3 stars. Moreover, these stars will not have any post-game animations.
  • The additional feature of the fresh forward version of Rumble allows each player to get their scores for the next round to reset if they finished the previous one in the green zone.

Perfect Heist

Perfect Heist Event

You will be required to collect the safes within a fixed number of moves, it will allow you to plan a perfect heist. Whenever you will collect a safe you will achieve a one-off prize.

There will be only 15 minutes span or time to decide your move and try to make the highest score. For challenge completion, you will have to gain a lot of prizes, maintain your boosters, and collect all safes from this Match Masters event. Moreover, in this particular event, some boosters will be a bit different.

Here are some Match Masters boosters and their abilities that will act differently in Perfect Heist event:

  • Vinnie Valentine/SE: This booster will create fewer hearts if it makes 3 hearts in a regular match, which means it will make 2 for Vinnie Valentine/SE.
  • Monkey Joo Joo: It makes 4 Voodoo Skulls and after activation, it makes one Voodoo skull, and so on.
  • Brocco Boogie: This booster creates only two disco balls on each activation.
  • Cleo Cadabra: It throws on Scarab that too at 2 activations and so on.
  • All Aboard SE: It will put out three Bandits on the board instead of four.
  • Stars: Whenever you unlock any safe you get a star in this event. These stars will be added without any kind of post-game animation. The main thing to know about this event is it is only available for players who contain 16000 trophies or more.

It’s up to you how many times you wish to play the game but the collected items cannot be achieved again. Moreover, if you are playing solo then you can easily continue playing no matter even if you have completed the event. It enables you to get the highest score that is visible on the leaderboard of the game.

So do you have it in you to collect all the safes and go for a heist plan?

Piggy Bank

Piggy Bank Event

This Match Masters event will help you to earn stars and that will allow you to add coins to your piggy bank. You can break this piggy bank, once it is full. The piggy bank break can be done by purchasing it so that you can claim the prices.

Once it’s broken then you can receive all the collected coins or money inside so that they can purchase on your behalf at lower prices compared to the store price. It also adds to the progress of the game or unlocks the levels of the piggy bank. It helps you in gaining discounted coins.

Main Events

Main Events

This particular main event in Match Masters will unlock when you are at 3,800 Trophies. In short, it changes the whole dimension of the game. Each event included in it has its theme and you can earn daily reward points and tournaments that you have to play in the game.

Whenever you get to the point of the event, you earn many prizes along the way to complete the line and the hidden event.

So think do you have it in you to complete one of our famous main events?

Score Rally

Score Rally

In the score rally event, you need to complete all kinds of the lap by going through all checkpoints in those limited number of moves. With every checkpoint completed you get a fantastic prize. You just have 15 minutes to complete all checkpoints and finish the challenge to win several prizes and boosters. With every checkpoint reach your move counter will get refreshed. Whenever you have to start a new lap, you need to start from where you left last. Moreover, in case you manage to complete laps with extra moves then they will get added to the energy of your booster.

Team Solo Event

Team Solo Event in Match Masters

A team Solo event is quite a unique event in Match Masters. In this event, the whole team each has to play a solo game to collect as many team tokens as possible. The teams get higher prizes when they collect more tokens.  Each member of a team is only allowed to collect a team token only once. Moreover, every member is allowed to win only once in the solo challenge. Thus, it means the complete team in Match Masters has to be active and coordinate with each other to get amazing prizes and rewards. The important part is once the team is near a prize, any member can collect it quickly, and there is no need to wait for a particular member.

You just have to make sure that the teammates are available during a solo game.

Top Masters

Top Masters Event

Top master is one of the unique and exclusive events Match Masters that can be played by anyone who was able to complete some of our main events while it’s running. This particular event provides you with amazing prizes. So try your best to not miss this event.

Moreover, keep in mind if you have played the top master event before in Match Masters, then you will need to start from where you last left off. It means you cannot reclaim previous prizes and now you have to play to win new prizes that are available in the game.

Whenever you finish the top master event, your progress will get reset so that you can again play your journey to climb up the game ladder.

Following are some things to consider for the top master event:

  • You need to earn stars in a match to get the 10-medal reward.
  • Whenever you play with a diamond booster each time you get 10 medal rewards.
  • Whenever you are in fire mode of the game and you win, each time you win you get 30 medal rewards.

There are other ways as well to gain more rewards and prizes like tournaments of the game.

Win It Big

Win It Big Event

Win it big is one of the great opportunities to make purchases in the Match Masters game.

Whenever you spend $1 on any in-game purchases or products, it allows you to achieve a ticket that provides you access to participate in big competitions like a raffle at the end of the event. There are quite a big variety of huge prizes that you can earn. So if you have more tickets you can get a higher chance to earn the prizes.

Please focus on the factors in this event to win it:

  • There are 1/ 10 chances of a ticket where you can win.
  • There are multiple prize levels that this event contains.
  • In case you win one or more tickets then you will get the highest level of the prize.
  • You cannot count a master club subscription as a win-it-big or treasure hunt purchase.

Win it Big Friends Edition

Win it Big Friends Edition

The friend edition of win it big is unlike the normal win its big event. When the event is live in Match Masters and any of your friends are added to the game through the win-it-big link then you will earn a ticket. These tickets you win enable you to access our raffle competition that comes at the end of the event. You will get a lot of amazing and dynamic prizes. So the more friends you add to the game the higher will be the chances of you getting prizes.

Focus on the following factors that you need to remember for winning the event:

  • There are 1/ 10 chances of a ticket where you can win.
  • There are multiple prize levels that this event contains.
  • In case you win one or more tickets then you will get the highest level of the prize.


Hence, this article shows how important and beneficial match masters events are and how they provide opportunities for you to win several prizes and rewards and keep on moving forward in the game. We hope this article helped you in knowing about all the Match Masters events and it will prove to be a motivation for you to start your Match Masters gaming experience. Enjoy playing in this dynamic world of Match Masters.

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