Match Masters: Everything You Need to Know About Friends

Friends in Match Masters
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Match Masters is a competitive PvP match-3 puzzle game that allows the player to create matches and play against random players from all over the world. Players have to match three or more pieces that are of the same color in order to score points. In the match, the player who scored the most points at the end is declared as the winner of that match.

Moreover, players can do so much in Match Masters such as create winning strategies, collect Match Masters stickers to get rewards, collect trophies to increase their ranking in the game, unlock powerful boosters, and even invite their friends to play along with them!

Here’s a short summary on how to play Match Masters:

As mentioned above, players are required to match three or more pieces that are of the same color in order to get points in Match Masters. A single match consists of four rounds, where both players get a chance to score points by matching pieces. Each round consists of two turns per player. One piece carries one point, hence the more pieces a player gets to match, the more points they will get.

At the end of each round, the points earned in that round get totaled up. Once the last round ends, all of the points that each player earned get calculated and the one with the most points wins. Also, check this useful Match Masters Tips and Match Master Booster Probability to get all the Match Masters free boosters and gifts

Why Should You Have Friends on Match Masters?

As seen in the gameplay of Match Masters, a player has to play against a random opponent in order to score points and win matches. But, there is a great feature in the game that allows a user to add or invite their real friends to join Match Masters.

This is a cool feature in the game because a player can share all the fun and joy of Match Masters with their real friends. A great advantage of having your real friends play with you is that some players might be more comfortable playing with people they know rather than people they don’t know.

Also, players can create their own teams in Match Masters consisting of their friends and play in Match Masters events together and share the rewards. Moreover, friends can send each other gifts within the game, such as coins, boosters, and Match Masters Perks. These Match Masters elements help the player with their game progression.

How to Invite Friends?

Inviting friends to Match Masters is not a hard process. Firstly, you have to click on the main menu in the game and visit the “Friends” list. Over there, you will find a button that allows you to invite your friends. Once you click the “Invite Friends” button, a special link will appear. You can share this link with your friends you wish to invite to the game.

Inviting friends to Match Masters

Also, when you invite 10 friends who are new to the game, you get to win awesome prizes in the “Friends Fiesta” event of Match Masters. However, these friends must be seen as new players in the game in order for you to win the prizes.

Friends Fiesta event

Moreover, you can automatically add your Facebook friends by syncing with the Match Masters game on the social platform. You get 150 coins when your friends get added through Facebook.

How to Challenge Friends?

You can also challenge your friends in Match Masters to play against you in a match. In order to challenge a friend in a game, go to the game menu and open your friend list. Scroll through until you find the friend you want to challenge and once you do, tap the “Challenge” button. Doing this will send your friend a notification declaring that you have challenged them in a match. It is then their choice if they want to accept or reject it.

 challenge friends in Match Masters

If you end up playing the match together and lose, then you will also lose your chosen booster. But if you win the match against your friend, you will take their booster.

How to Remove a Friend?

As mentioned earlier, all of your Facebook friends are automatically added when you sync Match Masters with Facebook. However, if you remove a friend from Facebook, then they will also be removed from the game.

On the other hand, you can still remove a friend from the game, even if you are not connected through Facebook. Open Match Masters and open your Friend list and click on the friend you want to remove. Then tap the “Remove Friend” button.

remove a friend from Match Masters

Also, if you are having trouble with removing a friend, you can get in touch with the Match Masters Support Team for help.

Unable to Add friends

In Match Masters, you can add a maximum of 100 friends to your list. If you have exceeded that number, you won’t be able to add more friends. If you want to add more friends, then you would have to remove some of your current friends in the game to make room for the new ones.

Friends Prize Not Received

Players get fun rewards when their friends join Match Masters. However, they have to make sure that they are eligible for these rewards. For example, a player should not cross the maximum number of friend invite rewards, which is 30. If a player hasn’t reach this limit yet didn’t get the reward then they need to look into two things:

  • Their friend should have created a new account using the invite link that the player sent.
  • The friend should create their account on a device that didn’t have Match Masters installed on it in the past.

The friend you invited should follow these two steps in order for you to get your rewards. When they do, you can ask them to click on the invite link again, while you restart the game. If you are still having trouble with receiving the prize, you can contact the Match Masters Support Team.

Also, keep in mind that your Facebook friends are automatically added once you sync your game with the social platform. Therefore, if you haven’t invited them through a link, you will not get the rewards.


Match Masters is an entertaining and fun puzzle game. Through its gameplay, players get to interact with different people in the form of opponents, team members, and so on. When you invite your friends to join the game, you get to share the fun with them. You can play against them or create a team with them to play in events. Either way, inviting your friends to join the world of Match Masters is a great way to explore the game together.

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