Match Masters: The Complete Guide for Beginners (2023)

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A game that challenges players and requires them to prove their skills, Match Masters is the ultimate puzzle game that is currently becoming popular among mobile game players. This Match 3 game was released by Candivore and it is unlike any other. In Match Masters, players get to participate in tournaments, play in events, form teams, invite their friends, create winning strategies, and claim rewards like boosters, trophies, coins, stickers, and so much more.

Match Masters is a fun yet competitive puzzle game through which players do all sorts of tasks to improve their rankings. This includes using boosters to progress further, handling different equipment in order to win, and just having pure fun!

Match Masters is a combination of luck, skills, and contemporary game elements that help create a player experience that is truly unique. Moreover, Match Masters is the first-ever multiplayer Match 3 game. The main goal of its developers is to let players compete while also enjoying a game that’s easy enough to learn but requires skills to master.

So, what’s Match Masters all about? Here’s a helpful guide that will explain the basics of everything related to Match Masters.

What is Match Masters Game?

As mentioned above, Match Masters is a match 3 puzzle game. It is not only a part of the popular mobile game genre, but it also comes with a competitive twist. Players get to compete with random players from all over the world, in addition to their friends.

Match Masters GamePlay Image

While playing against a random opponent, a player is required to match three or more same-colored pieces in order to score points. Whoever has the highest score once the game ends will be declared as the winner of that match. All Match Masters players can use boosters in order to score extra bonus points.

Player vs. Player (PvP) Mechanics

Match Masters is known for integrating a PvP mechanic within a single-player genre, hence this adds more uniqueness to the game. The use of PvP within a match 3 game might sound like it is not going to work, but Match Masters developed a system through which players experience a truly competitive feel, while completely utilizing the match 3 mechanics.

Player VS Player in Match Masters

In Match Masters, the goal of the player is to get the most points by using a certain amount of turns in order to collapse the maximum number of tiles during their turn. In a single round, the player gets two turns or moves. The more tiles they destroy, the higher their score will be.

How to Play Match Masters?

Match Masters is a 1 vs. 1 puzzle game that can become extremely challenging to play with its fast-paced action. Here are Match Masters tips to help you win the matches against your opponents.

Ho to play Match Masters

Generally, a player has to match three or more of the same-colored pieces in order to score points. The player who is able to get the most points in a match wins that match. A single match 3 competition consists of four rounds, where both players get the chance to match their pieces in order to score points in every round. At the end of the last round, all of the points get totaled up. Whoever scored the most points will be the winner of that match.

match three or more of the same-colored pieces in order to score points

A player takes two turns in a single round, meaning they get two chances to score as many points as they can by matching the maximum number of pieces. A single piece carries one point. This means that the more pieces a player matches, the more points they are going to score. When a player matches four or more same-colored pieces, they will receive an additional move. Keep in mind that a player can only use two moves per round, hence they will keep the extra move for the next round.

Moreover, every turn is time-restricted in Match Masters. There is a blue “Your Turn” bar that will start decreasing in size the moment a player’s turn starts, indicating how much time they have left to play their turn. Once the bar has moved to the extreme left side, this means that the player’s time is up and they lost a move. Also, the process of which player will start the game is done at random.

 every turn is time-restricted in Match Masters

There are different boosters and “perks” in Match Masters that can be used to progress further in the game. However, “perks” can only be used a single time per game. Also, you don’t lose a move when activating a booster and using the “perks” like the hammer.

Furthermore, players get trophies and coins whenever they win a match in Match Masters. The match winner will get 25 trophies from one match, but the loser will have five trophies taken out from their total trophy count. When it comes to the coins, the amount earned by the winner depends on the rarity of their opponent’s boosters. For example, a bronze-level booster from their opponent will get the winner ten coins. The rarer the booster, the more coins the winner is going to get.

Players get trophies and coins whenever they win a match in Match Masters.

Match Masters Game Modes

In Match Masters, there are different modes through which players can progress within the game.

Play Mode

This is the standard way when it comes to playing Match Masters. When you start playing Match Masters for the first time, the Play Mode will help in making you familiar with the game and all of the rules. This will also help you in unlocking different levels within the game.

Match Masters Play Mode

When you advance through the levels in Match Masters, you get to experience various exciting ways through which you can play Match Masters, like in Sugar Rush, Dustville Duel, and so many more. Once you have completed all of the Match Masters levels and reached the Masters League, you will still have the option to choose Play Mode. During the Masters League, choosing the Play Mode will allow the game to randomly choose a past arena that you unlocked previously when playing the game.

Daily Mode

This Match Masters mode is slightly different from the standard Play Mode. A fresh combination of modifiers and rules are added to the game on a daily basis. This means that a player never gets bored as there are various new ways to win event points and trophies by choosing the Daily Mode.

Match Masters Daily Mode

For example, the game modifier could have new pieces, exciting score legends to play, different speeds, and several other options. Hence, it is advised to pick your perks and boosters wisely when playing in this mode.

You will unlock the Daily Mode after collecting 3,800 trophies, which includes reaching the Master Ranks. Also, the Daily Mode offers different types of game modes every day, which includes multiple Daily Modes such as Rainbow, Multiplier Mushrooms, and so on.

The subscribers of the Masters Club will get to take part in Masters Club Daily Mode on rare occasions.

Adventure Mode

The Adventure Mode allows the player to explore the Match Masters game a bit differently. Through this mode, players get to conquer their opponents, win a combination of different challenges, and collect numerous types of treasures, all while aiming to win the grand prize towards the end.

Match Masters Adventure Mode

There are numerous levels within a single adventure that a player has to beat. Every level has its own game mode that a player has to win in order to progress further in the trail and reach one step closer to winning the grand prize.

In Match Masters, every adventure comes with a certain number of lives. When a player loses a match, they end up losing one life. The adventure will end if a player loses all of their lives. Also, every adventure consists of its own sticker album and has an awesome theme. Once a player completes the adventure, they will receive stickers from the adventure albums that they can use to complete other albums or fill a page. This increases their chances of winning great prizes once they finish an album or a page.

Players can unlock the Adventure Mode once they have collected 7,000 trophies within the Match Masters game.

Match Masters Tournaments

When a player has collected 1,100 trophies, they get to take part in different tournaments. This will prove how much they have learned and improved their skills as a Matcher.

Match Masters Tournaments

Minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 64 players can take part in a single tournament. Every tournament has its own rules, consists of specific game modifiers, and has different requirements for entry, such as a coin fee or a specific booster level. Winning a tournament is a great achievement for a player as it awards them with all sorts of prizes like tournament cups, boosters, event points, and so on.

When a player joins a tournament in Match Masters, they get paired with a player at random. Once all of the seats of the tournament get filled up, then the game starts for all of its contestants. Every tournament is divided into four blocks. This means that the winner of one match will play against the winner of the other match from within the same block.

How to join tournament in Match Masters

Also, a player has to choose their perks and booster before starting the tournament as they won’t be able to change them midway through the game. Plus, players get to win trophies and stars during the individual matches that take place within the tournament. However, this is not the case for unranked matches. These matches will display an unranked icon on the banner.

Moreover, players have to use an in-game currency to enter Match Masters exclusive tournaments. This currency is called Tournament Tickets. By using these tickets, players get a chance at winning special and fun prizes.

Prior to starting, a tournament will display a timer next to it that shows the amount of time left before it begins. Hence, players will know when to use their tickets. Players can get Tournament Tickets by winning them as prizes or buying them through special deals.

Match Masters Events

During special events, Match Masters releases additional prizes, special game modes, and different promos that players can use or take part in. These events can be pretty exciting as they add something special and new to the game. For example, there are new ways to win different prizes, which might have been difficult to win normally. This motivates the player to participate in these events to get their hands on exclusive prizes.

Match Masters Events

New Match Masters players should know that as they progress further in the game or when they participate in these events, the gameplay changes when it comes to its additional mechanics or winning conditions. This happens so that the players get a chance to find alternate ways to overcome the different challenges within the game rather than playing the same gameplay throughout the entire game.

There are various events in Match Masters that players can take part in and win amazing prizes. The main events can be found on the top-left side of the game’s homepage. Generally, these events last for three days. Moreover, there are also RUSH versions available when it comes to events. These versions last for only one day. Along with the main events, some extra side events might also take place. This just gives the players more chances to win different challenges and gain various rewards.

Match Masters Event Prizes

When it comes to the main events in Match Masters, a player can unlock them once they have collected 3,800 trophies. All of the main events take Match Masters to a whole other level. These events have their own theme. In every event, a player gets to win points from Tournaments and Daily matches that they take part in.

The more points players earn during events, the more prizes they win, which includes taking part in a hidden event towards the end.

In addition to individual players, teams can also take part in events. There is a special team event in Match Masters where an entire team gets to play a solo game and collect Team Tokens. Lots of prizes will be awarded to the team that collects the most Tokens. Every member can only get the team token once. Plus, each member gets to participate in the solo challenge only once as well.

Special Team Event in Match Masters

Therefore, the entire team should be working together in order to get the top prizes. Once a team gets awarded with a prize, every member of that team will immediately get it. It is important to make sure that every single teammate is available and ready to participate in the event.

Similar to Tournament Tickets, Event Tickets are another in-game currency that players need to use in order to participate in Match Masters exclusive events. By taking part in these events, players get the opportunity to win amazing prizes. Just like Tournament Tickets, Event Tickets can be obtained by winning them as prizes or buying them in special deals.

Match Masters Event Tickets

Match Masters Boosters

Before starting a match, players can choose a booster that will help them in progressing further in the game. These unique tools come with a special effect through which players get to destroy multiple tiles simultaneously in order to score tons of points.

Match Masters Boosters

There’s a charge bar that shows a specific tile color that needs to be destroyed so that it gets charged and the player can then use the booster. The booster gets activated once that bar gets fully charged. Also, using a booster does not use up a turn in a round.

To get a booster in Match Masters, the player is required to fill their booster bar by matching blue stars. A certain number of blue stars will activate different boosters once the bar is filled. Every booster is unique and requires a different number of stars in order to activate. For example, some boosters might require five stars, while others need six or seven. The rarer the booster is, the more stars it will require for activation.

How to get free boosters in Match Masters

Match Masters Free Boosters can be obtained by using coins. In addition to that, players can also get free boosters through other methods in the game. Players have to reach a specific trophy milestone in order to get boosters for free. The more matches they win, the more trophies they will get. You can access the milestone by tapping the cartoon character that’s located in the middle of your home screen. By collecting a certain number of trophies, you can win all sorts of boosters.

Another way to earn boosters in Match Masters is by participating in events. There will be new events listed on the upper-left side of your screen. You can click on the event to learn more about it and get all the details. A player will be asked to follow certain requirements in order to get the booster cards. These cards can be obtained after reaching a specific milestone within the event.

You can get more boosters in Match Masters by joining a team. In order to unlock teams, you need to get 200 stars. After joining a team, you can send a request to your teammates every day and ask for one booster from each teammate.

Also, there is a Daily Deals option in the shop, and by using the daily spin players can get a free booster card as a reward.

Boosters in Match Masters are divided into five main categories. Each of these categories comes with its own rarity and value. There are Gold Boosters, Silver Boosters, Diamond Boosters, Bronze Boosters, and Legendary Boosters. The higher the value of a booster, the harder it is to obtain it. Check this guide to know the Match Masters Boosters, Stickers, and Piñata Probabilities

Match Masters Game Modifiers

Match Masters consists of numerous types of different game modifiers that players can find within the events, daily modes, and tournaments. Every modifier adds a unique twist to the game. A single modifier has its own rules and a maximum of three modifiers can be combined together at a time. Tap the “i” button located next to the logo of the game to learn the rules of every modifier.

Match Masters Game Modifiers

Match Masters Perks

Players can use different perks that will help in giving them a strategic advantage within the Match Masters game. These are extra tools that can be earned by winning Match Masters exclusive tournaments and events, reaching trophy milestones, utilizing special offers, or can be bought directly before starting a match.

Match Masters Perks

Among the many perks, there is the Hammer and the Shuffle, which are free to use. However, players can select a maximum of two other perks before they start their match. Once chosen, you can only use those perks within that specific match, even if you don’t activate them throughout the match. When you use perks, you have an advantage over the opponent and you add a fun twist to the match.

Match Masters Game Progression

Naturally, players would want to move up in the ranking and reach new milestones in Match Masters. This is how they make progress and move further in the Match Masters game. The Trophy Road is the main path to game progression. Players win trophies and move up the ladder.

Match Masters Game Progression

During certain milestones, players get to earn rewards and get access to new levels, boosters, and a variety of other features.

What Are Achievements?

When it comes to the Match Masters, a player’s progress is measured by their achievement as they get to display all of the milestones that they reached in the game. The player gets rewarded with different achievement badges depending on how many targets they have reached. For example, players get a badge for how long they have played the game, collecting a certain number of points within a single game, their longest win streak, and so on.

Achievements in Match Masters

When a player takes part in the Legends League, they have the opportunity to get more badges, which also includes reaching numerous other accomplishments in the Match Masters game.

The further a player progresses within the Match Masters game, all of their gained achievements get an upgrade. For example, you will earn the Blazing Hot badge after you have reached a certain number of win streaks. When you win 30 games consecutively, you will get a badge. The same goes for winning 40 games and 50 games, which is the highest achievement in this category.

All of the earned badges can be found on the player’s profile which is located at the top-left side of the home screen. When you click on your profile, it will automatically take you to your achievements page.

Players who have earned multiple achievement badges in Match Masters have the option of displaying their favorite one at the top by clicking on the badge and choosing the option that allows the badge to be displayed as their top achievement. When a player enters a new match against their opponent, their top achievement badge will be displayed in the game, hence it is recommended to pick the most impressive one.

There are numerous exciting achievements that players can unlock and also get an upgrade in, as long as they continue playing Match Masters.

What Are Trophies?

Earning trophies is another form of achievement in the game that helps a player progress further in Match Masters. By collecting trophies, a player gets the opportunity to unlock different ranks and levels.

Trophies in Match Masters

However, players need to be careful when playing the game as they can also lose trophies if they end up losing. This rule applies to all of the games in Match Masters, except the unranked ones. Games that are unranked won’t affect a player’s trophy rating. In unranked games, there will be a symbol displayed next to them, which indicates that a player does not have to worry about their trophies during these games.

A player’s rank indicates the number of trophies they will earn from winning a game and the number of trophies they will lose if they end up losing a game.

Furthermore, players have the chance of earning bonus trophies throughout Match Masters. A player gets extra trophies if they win against their opponent who activated a higher-tiered booster in the game. Plus, if the opponent of the player has a higher Trophy rating, then the player will be rewarded with bonus trophies when they win. The higher the number of the opponent’s trophies, the more bonus trophies a player will earn after winning. The winner has the opportunity to earn up to five bonus trophies in a single match.

Moreover, the trophy rating of a player indicates a lot more than just their rank in the game. The more trophies they earn, the more they get to unlock different elements within the Match Masters game. As a player progresses further in the game and collects more Trophies, they will unlock different new game modes, features, stickers, boosters, events, and so much more!

Additional Ways To Make Progress in the Match Masters Game:

1. Legends League: This is where the most elite players of Match Masters can be found. In this game, players get the opportunity to rise in the ranks within the league and also earn wonderful rewards along the way.

2. Stars: Based on the final score of a match, a player will earn a number of stars when playing a game in Match Masters. A player can win up to three stars for every match they end up winning.

3. Studios and Mixers: Once a player has finished the Match Masters Academy, they have the chance to unlock new gaming levels (studios) and earn more trophies. Every studio comes with a unique theme, including a special feature known as a mixer. These mixers are known for adding a twist to the match.

4. Masters Ranks: These ranks, also known as the Masters League, is something every player has to go through when it comes to the Match Masters Legends League. After starting the Master Ranks, a player has to go through different challenges in order to collect trophies, take part in special events to win different prizes, activate new game modes, and unlock powerful Boosters.

Match Masters Free Rewards

Players have the chance to earn numerous types of free prizes when playing Match Masters. They can get coins, boosters, stickers, and so much more by taking part in events, collecting sticker albums, and through the trophy progression rewards.

Match Masters Giveaway

Moreover, Match Masters offers free prizes on a daily basis through their social media channels, where players can also participate in exciting competitions and get all of the important updates. That is why Match Masters players should follow them on all platforms in order to claim their free gifts.

Match Masters has an official Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram.

Friends in Match Masters

What is the point of playing a fun game when you can’t involve your friends in it? Make sure you tell all of your friends about Match Masters and ask them to join you.

You can invite your friends to play Match Masters with you. They can join your team as well and help you win tournaments. You can also challenge your friends and play against them. In order to challenge your friends to a match in Match Masters, you have to first find them in your friends’ list within the game. Once you have located your friend, you can tap the “Challenge” button and send them an invitation challenging them to a match. They have a choice of either accepting or rejecting your challenge.

Friends in Match Masters

Another great thing about playing Match Masters with your friends is that you get to keep their booster if you end up winning the match. However, you also risk losing a booster if your friend wins the match.

Keep in mind, if you cancel or forfeit a match before the game comes to an end, you will not win the booster of your friend/opponent. Also, you can invite your friends to play Match Masters by sending them a proper invite to this entertaining game, which they will surely love. You also have the option of removing a friend from the game.

Teams in Match Masters

You get to make new friends in Match Masters while also winning rewards on a daily and weekly basis when you join or create a team. You can chat with your teammates and support them as well on their journey in Match Masters by helping them progress further in the game. Your team can also take part in the weekend team events and win tons of prizes!

Teams in Match Masters

So how can you join a Team in Match Masters? You can scroll through the “Teams” section or search for a specific team by its name in Match Masters. You can also join a team if someone sends you an invite link to their team. When you join a team, you can win boosters and coins every day for your whole team. Also, in order to join a team, a player needs to collect 1,400 trophies within the game.

Moreover, you also have the option to create a team of your own. Firstly, you would have to make sure that you aren’t a part of any team in Match Masters. Secondly, you will have to visit the Teams homepage in Match Masters. Over there, you will find an option to either join a team or create one of your own by using 300 coins. Once you create your team, you can customize it to your liking by changing its profile image, the name of your team, and so on.

After you have saved the settings of your new team, you can open it and start adding members. You can add up to 50 members to a team. You also have the option of making other team members the admins of your team so that they are able to help you out. When it comes to recruiting new members for your team, you can invite more members by posting in Match Masters official Facebook group.

In a team, you also have the option to donate a booster to your teammates so that they can win their matches. You can also leave a team whenever you want.

Match Masters Stickers and Albums


Players can collect Match Masters stickers and get more perks, boosters, and rare outfits within the game. There are numerous ways through which players can obtain stickers. They can buy them from the store directly, win them as prizes in different events, get them during special sales, and earn them through trophy rewards. Another great way to earn stickers is by participating in social media contests and daily giveaways.

Match Masters Stickers

When it comes to collecting stickers in Match Masters, it requires a bit of effort and might take more time. Similar to booster boxes, sticker packs consist of stickers either from one level or from various different levels. Hence, the player doesn’t always get what they want. Moreover, stickers come in different tiers, where the white ones are known to be lower-tier stickers, while the diamond/gold ones are higher-tier stickers. The white stickers are easier to obtain, but the higher-tier stickers require more effort. Also, once a player has collected most of the stickers, it becomes harder to find new ones.

Players can also trade their stickers in the Match Masters Trading Group on Facebook. A critical rule for trading stickers is to do everything fairly. If a player doesn’t get new stickers after trading the ones they owned with another player, then it is advised to contact the group moderators of the Match Masters Trading Group. They will get in touch with the user who hasn’t sent the stickers and suspend them from the group.

The players are solely responsible when it comes to trading stickers in Match Masters, unfortunately. Hence, they need to stay alert and make sure that they trade stickers with only other trustworthy players. Also, they need to avoid trading with players they had issues with in the past. The people over at Match Masters are continuously working towards creating a safer method through which players can easily trade stickers in the future.


All of the Match Masters stickers that a player collects will be placed within albums. Whenever a player obtains a new Match Masters sticker, its album gets unlocked as well. Players can fill up those albums with different stickers that they win throughout the Match Masters game. Once they completely fill an entire album, the players get different rewards and prizes.

Albums in Match MAsters

The album prizes are known as the final reward a player gets by collecting different stickers. This is a great way for them to display their achievements and show them off to their opponents. In addition to completing an album, players also get rewards when they fill up a page of the album with the stickers they have obtained.

The great rewards that players can win are different outfits, which can only be obtained when they complete album pages or an entire album. Players can make their avatars wear different outfits and impress their opponents. They also have the option of changing those outfits from the “Wardrobe” menu in the game.

Other prizes that players can win after completing album pages or filling albums include boosters, coins, special boxes, On Fire games, and even style packs.

Match Masters Emotes

Players can express their personality through emotes when playing different games in Match Masters. The emotes get activated when a player taps on the chat button during a match with their opponent.

Match Masters Emotes

By default, there are six emotes in Match Masters, but players can collect new emotes and change them by picking the ones they want from their collection. In Match Masters, there are plenty of emotes that a player can collect. This gives them more ways to show off their personality within the game.

Special sales take place throughout the game and players can collect different emotes from these sales.


There is a reason why Match Masters quickly became popular among game players. Its competitive nature requires the player to work extra hard to move ahead in the game. This is one of the reasons why players are hooked to this entertaining game.

Players who have tried games with similar gameplay might be able to quickly grasp the concept of Match Masters, while new players might find it a bit hard to do so. However, with practice even the new players can become experts in no time!

By following this helpful guide, you will understand and get familiar with everything that Match Masters has to offer.

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