Match Masters: Important Things Every New Player Should Know

Important Things Every New Player Should Know About Match Masters
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Match Masters is a fun puzzle game where players come together from all over the world and compete against each other in one-on-one matches. Players get to earn numerous types of free rewards in Match Masters that helps them progress further in the game, such as coins, stickers, boosters, trophies, and so on.

In order to win a match in Match Masters, a player has to match same-colored pieces and earn points. A single match is made up of four rounds and in every round, both players get two turns to match as many same-colored pieces as they can. The final score is calculated at the end of the last round and the player with the highest score is declared as the winner of that game.

Match Masters is super entertaining and a great way to pass time as you polish your game skills. Another great feature in the game is that you can invite your friends to play Match Masters with you. Plus, you can create teams in Match Masters and take part in events in order to win fun prizes for the entire team.

The game progression of a player matters greatly in Match Masters. There are different strategies and methods a player can use in order to progress further in their game journey. Here are the many Match Masters Tips and Tricks that they can accomplish this goal. We’d also recommend checking out our Match Masters Guide.


Stars in Match Masters

Players earn starts towards the end of the match which is based on their final score. They can earn two to three stars for every match they win in Match Masters. For instance, a player will win three stars if they beat their opponent by more than 30%. Also, if they lose a match, they get one star, excluding technical losses.

Match Rumble

Match Rumble Event

10 to 20 players:

  • Win one round – one star
  • Win two rounds – two stars
  • Win the Match Rumble – three stars

30 to 50 players:

  • Win one round – one star
  • Win two rounds – two stars
  • Win three rounds – three stars

When playing in solo modes, a player earns a star for every milestone they reach. By the number of stars a player earns, they can measure their progress in Match Masters. Plus, if you are part of a team, then earning stars is a great way to advance your team. The progress of a team is measured based on how many stars the team members have accumulated. When a team earns more points their weekly team boxes get improved. Moreover, there is also a Star Race event in Match Masters where players can win rewards based on the star leaderboard.


Trophies in Match Masters

Earning trophies is another way to measure a player’s progress in the Match Masters game. Plus, collecting trophies allows the player to unlock different studios and rankings. Generally, players can win or lose trophies in all of the ranked games in March Masters. But, during unranked games, a player’s trophy count remains unaffected. In Match Masters, the unranked games have a “Non-Ranked” symbol right next to them. This shows that the player’s trophies will not get affected by the final outcome of the match. Also, the number of trophies that a player earns or loses in a match is based on their ranking/studio.

Bonus Trophies

Bonus Trophies in Match Masters

in Match Masters, players can earn bonus trophies at the end of a match based on a couple of reasons. 

1. If a player wins against another player who used a higher-tiered Booster

2. If a player’s opponent has a higher trophy rating

3. If a player’s opponent uses a Legendary or Diamond Booster and the player ends up winning the match. This is what they will earn:

  • One bonus trophy for beating a Diamond tier-1 Booster
  • Two bonus trophies for beating a Diamond tier-2 Booster
  • Three bonus trophies for beating a Diamond tier-3 Booster
  • Five bonus trophies for beating a Legendary Booster

Be sure to check Match Masters Boosters, Stickers, and Piñata Probability

Trophy Progression Milestones

Trophy Progression Milestones in Match Masters

A player’s trophy level does a lot more than just ranking them in the game. Their trophy level also helps in unlocking different features within Match Masters. When a player progresses further in the game, they unlock all sorts of different elements of the game such as events, game modes, Match Masters stickers, boosters, tournaments, perks, and themed content.

  • Collect 200 trophies – Unlock Stickers
  • Collect 1,100 trophies – Unlock Tournaments
  • Collect 1,400 trophies – Unlock “5 Round Games” and “Teams”
  • Collect 2,000 trophies – Unlock Main Events
  • Collect 3,800 trophies – Unlock “Tier-3 Boosters”, “Daily Mode”, and “Premium Match Masters Perks
  • Collect 7,000 trophies – Unlock “Score Smash”, “Adventures”, and “Legendary Boosters”
  • Collect 16,000 trophies – Unlock “Booster Clash (Legendary and Special Edition)”, “Special Edition Boosters”, and “Fire Starter Event”

Studios and Mixers

Studios and Mixers in Match Masters

Once a player finishes the Match Masters Academy, they can then start collecting trophies in order to unlock new gaming studios. Every studio comes with its own theme and a special feature known as the mixer, which is used to add a special twist to a match.

The studios will keep changing until the player reaches 3,800 trophies. A player will have to finish 12 arenas to reach the Challenger I status. This is the first level a player has to accomplish to enter the big leagues known as the Master Ranks. After reaching the Challenger I status, a player’s progress will slow down but it will be equally rewarding.

3,800 trophies – Challenger I status

4,500 trophies – Challenger II status

5,500 trophies – Challenger III status

7,000 trophies – Master I status

10,000 trophies – Master II status

13,000 trophies – Master III status

16,000 trophies – Grand Master I status

20,000 trophies – Grand Master II status

25,000 trophies – Grand Master III status

30,000 trophies – Legends League



Players can display all of their proudest moments through Achievements in Match Masters. When a player progresses further in the game, they earn achievement badges whenever they cross a certain milestone. For example, they can get badges for their longest win streak, earning a specific number of points in a game, for how long they have been playing Match Masters, and so on. This also includes earning seasonal badges for taking part in Legends League.

Moreover, there are several achievements in Match Masters that get upgraded once a player makes progress in the game. For example, the Blazing Hot badge is awarded to the player with the most win streaks. They will receive a badge for winning 30 games consecutively, another one for 40 games, and a final one for 50 games.

In order to see your achievements in the Match Masters game, click on the profile icon that’s located on the top-left side of the home screen. The achievement page is automatically opened. If you have earned multiple achievements, you have the option to pick your favorite one and choose it as your top achievement. That achievement badge will appear when you start a match against the opponent. There are plenty more achievements in Match Masters that players can unlock.

Legends League

Legends League in Match MAsters

This is where Match Masters’ most elite players can be found. Not only do the players get a chance to earn fun prizes, but they also get the opportunity to climb up several ranks in the game. The prizes a player earns depend on their final rank at the end of the league. Plus, once a season ends, the trophies of the Legends League players get reset to 30,000, therefore they can enter the challenge again every month.

Masters Ranks

Masters Ranks in Match Masters

Every player has to progress through the Master Ranks in order to reach the Legends League in Match Masters. Once they reach Master Ranks, players will have to pass different challenges such as playing new modes, collecting trophies, taking part in special Match Masters events to earn prizes, unlocking Boosters, and so on.

When a player has collected 3,800 trophies in Match Masters, that is when the Master Ranks get unlocked. A player will secure their position once they reach a certain ranking. Each ranking comes with its own rewards.

The purpose of the Master Ranks is to allow a player to collect as many trophies as they can. Once a player has reached 30,000 trophies, they can now become a part of the Legends League.

On Fire

On Fire in Match Masters

In Match Masters, when a player wins three games consecutively or earns On-Fire games as a reward, they will then reach the On-Fire status. With On-Fire games, a player can double the amount of coins and trophies they will win at the end of a match. This helps them in progressing a lot faster within the game.

When a player wins three Match Masters games in a row and earns the On-Fire bonus, they will maintain this status for the next half hour. Once that time has passed, the player will remain On-Fire until they lose a game.

The On-Fire games that a player gets rewarded with will decrease every time they play a game. When a player runs out of On-Fire time or On-Fire games, they get to maintain their On-Fire status until they lose a game.

Also, if a player lost their On-Fire streak, they can get it once again by earning On-Fire rewards or by winning three games consecutively.


A game like Match Masters is filled with all sorts of fun challenges and adventures that players can participate in. By progressing further in the game, players get to unlock new adventures and levels, while also earning a ton of different rewards in the process. Make sure to take advantage of all of the different methods mentioned here and move forward in your Match Masters game journey.

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