Match Masters Stickers and Albums: Different types and how to collect them

Match Masters Albums and Stickers
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In Match Masters, stickers and albums are two of the helpful and important aspects that provide you many chances of winning many rewards that take you further in the game and ultimately help you in the progress of the game. Stickers and Albums play a huge role in the Match Masters game that cannot be overlooked or missed. Sticker collection and album completion are necessary for getting points and other rewards.

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What are Match Masters Stickers?

Match Masters Stickers

Stickers in the Match Masters game are a point of attraction for the players. It makes your game look unique and vibrant. There are several types of stickers in Match Masters that provide you with opportunities to win various rewards and points. Stickers help you to intimidate your opponents during the game as well. It shows how powerful your position is in the game at any given stage or level.

How to Collect Match Masters Stickers?

Collecting Stickers in Match Masters

Sticker albums are unlocked only after you have reached a level of getting 200 trophies in the Match Masters game. Without getting these trophies you cannot unlock these sticker collection albums. The sticker collection enables you to earn various free boosters in Match Masters, benefits, and perks. It also provides you with rare outfits and showoffs that you can use against opponents. Stickers can be achieved either by purchasing them in the Match Masters store or through playing the main or side events in Match Masters, going through special sales, or earned as trophy progression rewards. The daily gifts and competitions on social media channels also give chances to win the sticker.

Use Sticker Tokens

Match Masters Stickers Token

If you are facing an issue of missing a sticker in Match Masters, issues like you are unable to get certain stickers in your albums, then you do not have to worry as a sticker token is a solution.

So the sticker token works as it can easily transform to any sticker you want which is missing. Yes! You can get any missing sticker through the token solution, even the old seasonal missing sticker or any elusive adventure sticker can be achieved through the token just by converting it to the missing piece of the sticker. To use the token solution in Match Masters, you have to go to the missing sticker, click on it, and in an instant, you will get the sticker.

Sticker Trade

Sticker Trade in Match Masters

In Match Masters you can also trade stickers. Sticker trading is one of the most secure ways of acquiring stickers that you need or want in the game. The trading system of Match Masters is guaranteed, you will get your sticker for sure each time you trade it. You have to tap on the option “Trade” and then go to the “New Trade” option. Now you have to choose the sticker that you want to send to another player and then tap on the “Create Trade link”

You will have some options like copy-pasting the link in the message to your trading partner, or you can directly click on the “share my link”, or when you will click on share my link. You will get more popular social sharing icons that you can opt from.

Now, when the link is sent successfully, your friend will have to select the sticker in 30 minutes that they will send to you in return. When you will approve their selected offer, the sticker trade will be completed. So it’s the easiest way to trade stickers in the Match Masters. So don’t waste your time and start trading stickers in the game to get progress in the game.

Diamond Sticker Trade

Diamond Sticker Trade in Match Masters

Diamond sticker is one of the rarest types of stickers in Match Masters. They are open for trade. For every diamond trading event, it features two diamond stickers for trade purposes. It means only those particular diamond stickers will be able to get traded on that particular day.

You can trade these two diamond stickers for one another, or exchange them for any other kind of sticker you need in the game, or you can even give these diamond stickers as a gift to a teammate in Match Masters. Moreover, the stickers available for trade are also changed every time a trade is active.  So the players must stay active to notice those special days.

Join Match Masters official group to help yourself find the stickers you need. Moreover, you can also meet, chat and share your achievements in the game with your friends around the world.

Trade on the Facebook group

Match Masters facebook Groupe

Match Masters Stickers can be acquired through winning events or can be bought from stores, or collected by winning prizes from daily gifts and challenges. You can also get stickers by trading them on FB trading groups.

The only main rule is to trade fairly in the group. In case, you have sent someone a sticker but got nothing in return. Then you need to contact Match Masters group moderators to inform them about the issue. They will then contact that user and then suspend their actions on the FB group. And will keep a proper eye on that particular user to ensure transparency at all times.

The trading sticker feature is the responsibility of the Match Masters players themselves. So, one has to make sure that the sticker trade is happening with someone trustworthy to avoid any issues. And in case you come across a scam with a certain player then we will tell you to not trade with them in the future.

Moreover, Match Masters developers making sure to increase the safety and transparency for future trade of stickers. They are putting all their efforts to improve the sticker trade experience. They will continue to work for it until the process becomes error and scam free.

Store Promotions

Store Promotions in Match Masters

Match Masters presents various amazing In-app purchase offers. With every offer, they encourage you to take their offer by providing various offer rewards. You can collect all those free rewards given with that offer. And then it’s up to you whether you want to take the offer or not.

Level Up

Level up in Match Masters

For level-up purposes, you as a Match Masters player have to earn stars to unlock new and advanced features along with a different variety of bonuses and boosters. As a player, you have to gain a certain number of stars for leveling up to the star level. To be exact, you need 50-60 stars that will allow you to go to star level 1. And as a result, unlock sticker albums. And start collecting the stickers along the match masters journey. Moreover, after this, another level up would be to gain 75 stars. And unlock and make the tournaments active for you to play. Thus, it shows level up in the game plays a huge role throughout the game journey.

Play Events

Match Masters Events

The Match Masters game has various opportunities for the players to earn rewards. Like coins, chests, boosters, and all. Match Masters events are one of those opportunities where you can get several rewards while completing all those given tasks. Match Masters has almost 20 events. That includes Booster Clash, Cosmic Rush, Event ticket, Booster Blast, Color circus, etc. All these events play a great role in making good progress in the game experience.

Open Piñata

Piñata in Match Masters

In the Match Masters game, you have two kinds of Piñatas. One is Mystery Piñata and the other is Legendary Piñata. In both types, there are different levels and different sets of rewards and bonuses. In the case of Mystery Piñata, where you have 3800-7000 trophies, if there are 4 Diamond Boosters, its probability is 15%. If there are 5 diamond boosters, its probability to come true is 41%. If the quantity is 6 then the probability of it is 31%.

In case the Piñata has coins and the quantity is 2000 then the probability of it is 29%. If the coins are 2500 then the probability of it is 27%. If the coins are 3000 then the probability of it is 11%. 10% probability for 3500 coins,  10% probability for 4000 coins, and  13% probability for 5000 coins.

Other Match Masters elements that you can get out of Piñata are stickers, different kinds of diamond booster tier 3, on-fire time, random Match Masters perks, legendary boosters, etc. Moreover, in case you have 7000 to 16000 trophies the probabilities of the elements will be different. In the case of 16000+ trophies, the probabilities of the elements in Match Masters are also varied.

Moreover, there is another type of piñata in Match Masters called legendary Piñata. The probabilities of different elements also vary in this level and kind of piñata.  Moreover, there are also 2 trophy levels in this piñata like 7000-16000, 16000+ trophies.

Join the Masters Club

The Masters Club in Match Masters

Join the masters club in Match Masters and benefit from various rewards such as stickers, boosters, emotes, and more fun elements. Following are some of the major benefits one can get by joining and subscribing to our master clubs:

  • You get the Lucrative Master club daily modes on particular days.
  • You can get weekly special event tickets, the higher the level or tier, the more the chances of getting tickets.
  • You can replace your prize without watching an ad regardless of what tier you are playing for.
  • You get to have fancy fonts so that you can boast on your profile. Some of the fonts are silver lettering for the silver tier, golden letters for the gold tier, and diamond letters for the diamond tier.
  • Moreover, you also get the benefit of getting a subscriber badge that is available for players of all tiers.
  • All tiers get solo event opportunities at least once every week.
  • You get monthly new Emotes for silver, and gold and two emotes for the diamond tier.
  • You benefit by having an exclusive outfit monthly for the gold and diamond tier.
  • You get the daily spin for gold and diamond.
  • You also get extra trading slots for stickers. It is available only for gold and diamond tiers.
  • You also get the opportunity to have the extra white slot on regular days.
  • You can get one extra silver slot on gold trade days.
  • In the case of Diamond trade days, one white slot will be converted or upgraded to the gold slot.
  • In the case of seasonal trade days, one white slot will be converted or upgraded to the gold slot.

Moreover, the master club subscription can be upgraded and downgraded whenever you want. It can also be canceled when you need to. The following are some conditions:

  • You will be charged on the same date every month after you purchase the subscription.
  • In case of a downgrade, you have to be on the higher-tiered plan until the charging period ends. After that, you will be charged according to the lower plan rates to which you downgraded your plan.

Different Types of Match Masters Stickers

You as Match Masters a player have several types of stickers that you can gain and use throughout the game journey. The stickers help you to make progress in the game. As for every sticker collection you get rewards as well that prove to be beneficial for the game.

White sticker

White Stickers in Match Masters

White stickers are lower-tier stickers in Match Masters. These stickers are easier to gain as compared to higher-tier stickers. The points or rewards associated with white stickers are also low.

Silver sticker

Silver Sticker in Match Masters

Silver stickers are relatively high level in Match Masters as compared to white stickers. So they are also relatively less easy to gain than white stickers.

Gold sticker and Diamond sticker

Gold and Diamond Stickers in Match Masters

Gold and diamond stickers belong to the higher-tier sticker category in Match Masters. They are quite hard to gain as compared to white and silver stickers. Moreover, the collection of these high-tier stickers provides you with opportunities of gaining more rewards and points.

Duplicate Match Masters Stickers

Duplicate Stickers in  Match Masters

Stickers and their collection are one of the fun features of the Match Masters game. It takes a lot of time of completing the collections. Sticker packs include different varieties of stickers from all tiers or any one tier only. It is your luck that what you get out of them, it’s not always what you need at the moment in the game. Low-tier stickers that are white are easier to gain in Match Masters. Than higher-tiered stickers that are gold or diamond.  Moreover, whenever you have collected a maximum of the stickers, it will be hard for you to find new ones.

Each type of sticker in Match Masters has different associated points or rewards. Like gold or diamond worth more than white or silver stickers. Whenever you earn set points or fill the bar, you as a player will likely get a grand prize. There is another feature in Match Masters called duplicate, which you will get now and then. But duplicates can only be traded on the official FB group. There you will find many people offering the stickers that you need. Moreover, you can also get additional stickers through daily prizes or main events, playing tournaments, and directly from our stores.

Missing Match Masters Stickers

Missing Stickers in Match Masters

A quick way to earn the stickers that are missing from your collection in Match Masters is to first try to get those stickers that have that missing tag on them. These particular stickers provide you with the guaranteed opportunity to get those missing stickers. Moreover, other ways to get the missing stickers are by playing events, attending giveaways on social media pages, and through adventures and tournaments, if you make it to the end.

What are Sticker Albums in Match Masters?

Match Masters Albums

Sticker albums in Match Masters are albums full of pages of stickers that the players need to collect and complete. These albums and their completion provide you with great points, rewards, boosters, and other benefits. These sticker albums cannot be overlooked as it helps you throughout the game to achieve many rewards and helps you to show off your power in the game to your opponent.

How to Unlock New Sticker Albums in Match Masters?

Whenever you get a sticker from any album the new album unlocks itself. You can get the sticker in several ways either by winning prizes, playing events, through social media pages, or by directly purchasing through the match masters store. Moreover, another way you can get the sticker is through sticker trading. The more you collect stickers; the more chances of unlocking new albums.

Different Types of Sticker Albums in Match Masters

Seasonal Albums

The players of the Masters League will now gain a new album to complete for each season in Match Masters.  Each season’s albums can only be completed in the current season. Seasonal stickers can be gained as prizes whenever you progress in the game. Moreover, seasonal stickers can also be obtained through special sales throughout the season. You will also get days when you can exchange your seasonal stickers, so kindly keep an eye out for these days.

Solo Albums

Solo albums mean the individual pages of stickers that a Match Masters player has to complete throughout the game. You can get the sticker for these individual pages through several ways like winning prizes, purchasing, or through trading stickers, etc.

Adventure Album Stickers

You can get the adventure sticker album in Match Masters by winning games in adventure mode. It will take some time but you will get bigger and grand rewards than ever as compared to normal play mode. Moreover, you will not get duplicate stickers in adventure albums. So you will be able to complete it relatively quickly. So continue winning the games or levels in adventure mode. And quickly fill all those sticker albums. The more completed albums, the more will be your points and rewards. In case, you complete your adventure album. Then you will get the duplicate stickers from those completed albums, which will provide you with 30 points in the duplicate track of the game.

Album Prizes

Sticker and its collection make your game journey unique and dynamic. You can show off your style and stickers to your opponents. There are many prizes and rewards one can get by completing the albums and pages of stickers in Match Masters. Some of the albums provide you with outfits as rewards that can be used in the game.

These outfits provide you with a way to customize your avatar. Anytime, you can switch the outfit whenever you go through the wardrobe section in the game.

Moreover, there are other albums as well. That can unlock creative style packs. That can be enabled or disabled through the look section of the match masters game. There are several other prizes to earn. Like coins, boosters, special boxes, and on-fire game when you had to complete some of the albums or individual pages.


I hope this article helps you in knowing all the insights about the match masters stickers and albums. I hope you know now how completion of all the sticker albums helps you in moving forward in the Match Masters game by gaining different points and rewards. Like coins, boosters, treasure chests, etc. There are different kinds of stickers like white, silver, gold, and diamond. White and silver are low-tier stickers and gold and diamond are higher-tier stickers. The lower-tier stickers get you low points. While the higher tier sticker enables you to get higher points.

So keep in mind the importance of stickers and album completion. Don’t ever think that this is an insignificant aspect of the game. So what are you waiting for?  Go, collect and complete all your sticker albums whether they are normal albums or seasonal. Enjoy having a lot of rewards and points for your game.

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