Match Masters Teams: Here is everything you need to know

Teams in Match Masters
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Match Masters is a puzzle game that challenges players to use their skills in order to progress further. This fun game has gained a ton of popularity among mobile game players due to its intelligently-designed gameplay, graphics, and so much more.

In Match Masters, players get to play against other opponents from all over the world. Players also get to win all sorts of rewards and gifts that help them progress further ahead in the game, such as Match Masters stickers, Match Masters perks, Match Masters free boosters and coins, and so on. Moreover, players can participate in tournaments and events to win different prizes while also having fun. They can also create teams and invite friends to play Match Masters and become a part of this fun game.

Match Masters has a pretty straight-forward gameplay. Two random players get selected to play in a match. Their goal is to match more than three pieces that are of the same color in order to get more points. The player who earns the most points by the end of the match is the ultimate winner of that match. A single match consists of four rounds in total. In each round, both players get two turns to score as many points as they can by matching the same-colored pieces. Players get to use their skills combined with different game features to beat their opponents, such as perks and boosters. This also scores them extra points during the match.

You can check the full Match Masters guide and the important Match Masters tips to learn more strategies to win every match in the game.

What is the Team Feature on Match Masters?

One of the important things in Match Masters is that players can become a part of a team that consists of different people from all over the world. They have the option of joining an already existing team or creating one of their own.

This is the Team Feature on Match Masters

By doing this, players get the opportunity to make new friends in the game and also earn rewards every day and week. Players can get in touch with their teammates and chat with them. They can also send them boosters that will help them in making further progress in the game. Moreover, Match Masters hold various team events on the weekend and teams can take part in these Match Masters events. This gives them the chance to win different types of prizes.

How to Join a Team in Match Masters?

How to Join a Team in Match Masters

Joining a team in Match Masters is not that hard. There are three ways to join a team. First, if a player sends you an invite link to join their team, all you have to do is click that link in order to become a part of the team. The second way is by clicking on the “Teams” section in the game and scrolling through the different teams. The third way is to search for a team by its name.

Joining a team in Match Masters part-1

When you join a team, you win boosters and coins on an everyday basis. Also, in order to be able to join a team, a player has to collect 1,400 trophies. Once they have collected this many trophies, they can start looking for teams to join.

Joining a team in Match Masters part-2

Moreover, if a player has less than 30,000 trophies and they joined a team, then their stars will not be counted as the team’s seasonal stars for up to three days. You can get more information on Match Masters Teams by visiting their official YouTube channel.

How to Create Your Own Team in Match Masters?

You have the option to create your very own team on Match Masters. Firstly, you need to check to see if you are already a part of a team in the game. If you are, then you would have to leave that team in order to create one of your own. Once you have done that, the next step is to visit the “Teams” homepage. Over there, you have the option to create a team by spending 300 coins.

How to Create Your Own Team in Match Masters

After clicking “Create your own team”, you have the chance to customize the team according to your liking. You can change the profile picture, your team’s name, trophy restriction, and so much more. Once you are satisfied with everything, you can start adding different game players to your team. You can add a maximum of 50 team members. You also have the option of making other team members the admin; this way they can help you out in managing the team.

If you are looking for new team members, you can visit Match Masters official Facebook group and share your team’s name with everyone there.

How to Donate a Booster to a Teammate in Match Masters?

In Match Masters, teammates can help each other out by donating boosters, which will help their team members win matches. In order to donate, you have to visit the “Teams” section and click the “Donate Booster” option.

How to Donate a Booster to a Teammate in Match Masters part-1

A drop-down menu will appear that shows all of your boosters. Select the booster you want to send to your teammate. You can also choose the “Anyone” option, which sends a booster out to the team, and whichever teammate collects it first is the one to own it.

How to Donate a Booster to a Teammate in Match Masters part-2

How to Leave a Team in Match Masters?

If you want to leave a team, just visit the “Teams” section in the game and click the “Info” button. You will get the “Leave Team” option. Tap that option and you will be out of the team. You will also see a “Join Team” button that allows you to join a different team.

How to Leave a Team in Match Masters

What to Do If You Are Kicked Out of the Team in Match Masters?

Team leaders in Match Masters can easily add or remove players from their teams whenever they want. This can get really frustrating, especially if you participate in the weekly team competitions. In this scenario, it is better to join a different team that you believe is perfect for you.


A game like Match Masters will definitely keep you hooked because of all the entertainment that it provides. Players get to take part in all sorts of activities while earning tons of prizes. Creating a team allows you to make new friends and play the game together. You also have the option to invite your real friends to play Match Masters and create a team with them. Whichever option you choose, you will surely have fun exploring this game with a bunch of people.

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