Match Masters: The Most Important Tips Every Player Should Know.

Best Tips and Tricks for Match Masters
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Do you still trying to find tips and tricks for the Match Masters Game to move forward in it?

If this question resonated with you then you surely need to read on to find out what the tricks are and how you can move forward and make progress in the Match Masters game. This game often makes you feel that you are just stuck on one level and there is no progress. It takes a lot of hard work and time to overcome this obstacle in the games and unlock new levels and events.

Moreover, some players think they know the Match Masters game quite well and they are pros at it as they have played similar games but there is no such case. So, this is like a first step taken by you to be better at this game. Take this article as a Match Masters guide for you to know how you can increase your win rate in this game. Also, be sure to collect the free Match Masters boosters and gifts.

Match Masters Tips and Tricks

Following are some best tips and tricks that every Match Masters player should know:

Reaching the 1100 Mark

The first tip or priority the pro Match Masters players have is to reach the 1100 rating mark because most of the advanced-level content of the game is unlocked after it. So before the 1100 rating, you are not playing a full game until you have reached the 1100 mark. But obviously, it is not so easy to reach it as it is easier to convey the tip. You have to invest a lot of time and energy into it to get to that level or rank as fast as possible by beating as many competitors as possible.

Moreover, if you are facing a lot of trouble while playing to reach an 1100 rating in Match Masters, then you need to read our guide named The important Match Masters things every new player should know. It enables you to understand how to play the Match Masters game effectively and efficiently. Some of the main features that you can unlock by reaching the 1100 mark are the Tournament mode and Team features. Moreover, there is also other stuff. That you can unlock like sticker packs and additional boosters. But these are secondary as you get these as bonuses.

Collecting of Stickers

The second most preferred Match Masters tip or trick is to collect the Match Masters stickers. This task is often overlooked as people don’t focus on it as they see it as a side or unimportant task. They think this task will distract them from their game’s primary goals. What nobody realizes is that collecting the sticker enables them to earn additional rewards in Match Masters. That further helps them to complete the highest level. Moreover, another thing you can get is boosters of high level. That will increase your chances of beating your opponents.

You can collect Match Masters stickers by purchasing a sticker pack from the store using Match Masters coins. But we need to give a warning or caution when trying to use the coin for purchasing the stickers. As you can purchase the boosters directly which is much more important. Moreover, you can collect the Match Masters rewards in form of stickers from the Match Masters events. In case, you are getting duplicates of stickers. You can easily trade them with other players by using the trade feature or you can do it through social media, and don’t forget to check the probability of getting boosters, stickers from chests, and piñatas in Match Masters.

Maximize Your Energy

In such games, the most important thing to do is to maximize your energy to get to that desired ranking soon. The game itself has a low threshold of energy. But in the case of Match Master, it is quite giving as it provides a lot of energy by giving opportunities to get energy from different sources, for playing the game to your advantage as much as possible. As a Match Masters Beginner, you get a lot of hours for playing with free energy that enables you to rank up more quickly.

Moreover, if you are playing Match Masters for quite some time but you are not having enough energy as you need or want, then you have to create a new account. This helps you in having all kinds of new player rewards. You can also take advantage of it, contrary to the situation as a beginner where there are no bonuses. You can also recollect all the items you had in your previous Match Masters account. As you now know about the game better than before.

Use Your Lucky Spins

Lucky spins motivate and encourage the players to log into the game every day. Match Masters players get the lucky spin for free each day to win amazing prizes randomly. It allows you to collect coins, stickers, unlimited energy, and boosters. Moreover, you can also select to purchase more chances of spinning the wheel. But we don’t suggest anyone to do this as the chances of getting Match Masters coins are quite high. So in such cases, you are kind of gambling on a very significant resource of the game.

Moreover, the situation is such that getting the chances of a grand prize is extremely low. The chances of getting small prizes are still relevant for the game as it helps you to make your game life easy while playing. Match Masters coins are one of the essential resources, so one should take notice. And consider it important and if any feature gives the coins to you for free then take full advantage of it.

Join a Team

Joining teams in Match Masters is another important tip, the teams feature is achieved only when the player reaches the 1400 rating in the competitive. The team option is like the club in the game version. This is the space where all the players can socialize and interact.

Moreover, one of the biggest factors for which you should join the team in Match Masters is it offers a variety of rewards like free boosters and coins. Certain events promote players to play in teams. So you have to ensure that you enter those events as well.

It is also possible to find an active team that takes part in each event and helps all the members to improve their game and score in Match Masters. This can happen by joining the top-ranked teams or other teams that have some decent amount of level. Moreover, it is recommended to not join inactive teams as there is no progress there. In case, you are not a sociable person even then you should join a team to take all the Match Masters perks and benefits of the game.

Use of SE Boosters

The use of SE boosters is another important tip or trick of the Match Masters game. They are premium boosters and can be obtained in various ways. Like In-game prizes, contests on social sites, special offers, and the in-game store. All these ways provide you with great SE boosters.

You cannot purchase the SE boosters with Match Masters coins directly on the page booster selection. For maintaining the balance of the game the purchase is limited. Moreover, the use of SE boosters in friendly matches is also not allowed. You also have to keep a check on any new special offers to get a chance for the rare booster packs at discounted prices.

Use of Special Events

A special event is also one of the tips for the Match Masters game and its success. The use of a special event can be done at cost of a Clash ticket. This is an exclusive event in Match Masters and its tickets are available for sale or as prizes. In each turn, the participant can keep an opponent’s booster.

Moreover, in this event, the level of boosters is limited. So that it is all equal and fair in the game when you win the same strength booster. In booster Clash, you will not get the trophies or stars. But you can easily win your opponent’s glory and the boosters.

Use the Shuffle

In the situation where there is no longer a chance of matching, you need to shuffle it for making the match possibility available. Shuffle helps you to increase your chances of winning the game. As more matches come up in the game that gives you good Match Masters rewards.

Collecting Free Rewards

There are several ways that you can get or collect free Match Masters boosters and gifts in the game. It enables you to collect more and more for a better gaming experience in the game. Bonus spin, social media rewards, Tournaments, Store promotions, events, stickers, referrals, and watching ads are some of the main ways to collect more rewards and boosters.

Bonus spins in Match Masters enable you to get as many free rewards as possible like coins, boosters, stickers, and chests. Social media rewards mean you can get your free daily reward or booster directly from the Instagram account of Match Master. Moreover, you can get it from the official website link as well.

By playing in tournaments you can get diamond boosters and other rewards as well. You have to fulfill the requirement of 8 players for a tournament. Moreover, the Match Masters players who become runners-up also get a few rewards. Hence, it is beneficial for all the players.

If you want to earn free huge rewards then you have to go for the event option as all events come with great rewards that one can achieve after completing the event task. You can get free boosters, chests, and other free rewards. Match Masters has sticker albums that the player has to complete. Hence, one must try their best to complete all albums for getting free rewards.

Match Masters also has a referral program. Hence, you can get free rewards by inviting your friends to play Match Masters. If you are a beginner then don’t invite now. But if you are playing for a while now then you can invite as an early invite will give you fewer rewards. Thus, when you are at higher levels invite friends for getting higher rewards. Moreover, if your friends do join at your invite then you will get the rewards. Rewards include Diamond boosters, chests, stickers, spins, and many coins.

Match Masters store promotions also enable you to get rewards whenever they present any new offer. Now it is up to you if you will purchase the offer or not. But you do get rewards with every offer regardless of the purchase.Moreover, watching the game ads also provide you with great rewards.

It shows there are several ways to get free rewards which ultimately help you in playing the game efficiently. And win and reach more ranks and levels. In short, all these ways and tips to get free rewards to help you further in the game.

Do master Coins help you?

The Match Masters coins you collected throughout the game enable you or help you with buying stickers, chests, and spin boosters. In short, this in-game currency benefits you in different levels and stages. You can buy this currency with real cash as well. Moreover, you can also get Match Masters coins for free in several ways. But the most recommended one is from directly the official link of Match Masters gift link.

How do different boosters help you in the game?

Following are the different Match Masters boosters that helps you in the game:

  • Bronze booster enables you to beat your opponent in Match Masters. You can use 3 bronze boosters in one match.
  • There are three Silver boosters that you can use against your competitor to win the match. These boosters are called Slime, Crazy Rocket, and Mystery hat boosters.
  • Then there are Gold boosters, which are much more powerful as compared to bronze and silver boosters. These gold boosters can be used against competitors by making powerful moves. There are 6 gold boosters.
  • Then there come Diamond boosters, there are 3 stages of diamond boosters. And in total 13 types of diamond boosters. The third-stage diamond boosters are much more powerful than the rest of the stages. You can get these boosters by buying them or else you can get them from the daily free rewards of the Match Masters game.

Hence, this is a complete guide kind of article about the Match Masters game. I hope this article will help you know more insight and tips about the game and how to win it efficiently.  So what are you waiting for? Start playing and enjoying your Match Masters journey along with gaining daily free rewards and boosters.

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