8 Reasons to play Bingo Blitz in 2022

Reasons to play Bingo Blitz
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If you are looking for a fun and entertaining game that keeps you on your toes at all times, then Bingo Blitz is the game for you. This is one of the best Bingo games you can find online, where you get to play together with other players and have tons of fun.

With Bingo Blitz, players can win all types of freebies, in addition to all of the entertainment they get to experience. This includes Bingo Blitz free credits and coins, Treasure Chests, Power-Ups, Collection Sets, and so much more.

Here are just some of the features that players can find when playing Bingo Blitz.

1. There Is An Option For Multiple Card Play

What makes Bingo Blitz different from other bingo games is that in this game, players have the option to choose multiple cards in a single game session. They can play on different cards at the same time.

2. All Players Can Get Power Ups In Order To Improve Their Game

In Bingo Blitz, players get different Power Ups through which they can improve their online game. By putting in the extra effort, players get extra rewards and prizes through Power Ups. This also includes winning game levels quickly.

3. Players Can Collect Souvenirs With Multiple Play Cards

 Due to multiple play cards, players are able to collect different souvenirs throughout the game. Every city in the game offers a lovely souvenir that a player gets to keep as a memento once they complete that level and move on to the next one.

4. There Is A Special Bingo Card Players Can Win

When playing the Bingo Blitz game online, players have a chance to grab the special Bingo card as a reward for all of their efforts. The structure of the game and the gaming process makes Bingo Blitz a unique game with countless number of rewards.

5. There Are Plenty Of Epic Mini Games To Play As Well

While waiting for the main game to load, players can browse the numerous mini games that Bingo Blitz have to offer and enjoy their time. By taking part in these mini games, players can increase the number of coins and credits that they can use to further move ahead in the game.

6. So Many Freebies Are Available For Players

At Bingo Blitz, there are numerous rewards and prizes that players can win throughout the game. Some of those prizes come with freebies that the players can take advantage of, such as coins.

7. The Game Comes With Easy User Interface

Bingo Blitz is easy to use and has top-notch animation that makes it easy to navigate oneself throughout the game. This game comes with a simple and easy user interface with high-quality graphics and sounds.

8. You Can Play With Your Friends

Another wonderful feature in Bingo Blitz is that players can add their friends and create their own team on Bingo Blitz. They can both send and receive gifts such as credits and coins to their teammates to help them move ahead in the game. This also helps the team reach at the top of the leader board within the game. Players have the option to add friends within the game or through Facebook.

What’s So Great About Bingo Blitz?

The creators of Bingo Blitz wanted to create a game where players can have all the fun that comes with playing Bingo while also enjoy other aspects that come from playing a digital game. This includes things like collecting coins, playing mini games, exploring cities, and so on.

Here are some positive aspects of the Bingo Blitz game that will surely increase the love of this great game.

  • Each level of the game comes with its own special journey that the player goes through. In this journey, they get to win credits and coins. There are plenty of bingo games online but Bingo Blitz offers features that no other game does.
  • There are plenty of mini games and rooms for player to explore, as mentioned earlier. These mini games take them around the world where they can try their luck in wheel spinning games, slot machine games, and other online games. Basically, there are numerous mini games within the main game that players would surely love.
  • A player can go on different bingo quests where they have tons of prizes waiting for them. There are different Treasure Chests to unlock, plenty of coins to collect, and lots of credits to use as well. This also includes Power-ups that will help the players move along in the game.
  • Players can also take part in Bingo Blitz tournaments that take place every now and then. The winner of these tournaments get to win plenty of prizes like coins, credits, Treasure Chests, and so on.
  • There are live chat rooms within the game where players can interact with other players all over the world. They can make new friends and add those players in their Bingo Blitz teams. Also, as mentioned before, players can invite other members or their own friends to the game.
  • There are trade cards that players can use to win different games within the Bingo Blitz platform. They can also share their Bingo pop cards with all of their friends who are in the game.


1. I want to add my friends to Bingo Blitz, how can this be done?

There are three methods through which players can add their friends to Bingo Blitz:

(A) There is a Friend Center in the game through which players can add their friends. It is located at the bottom-left side of the game. The player ID of their friend is required for them to add their friends. Once they input the player ID, a request will be sent to the friend.

(B) Friends can also be added through Facebook. If a player’s Facebook friends will automatically get added if they are already playing Bingo Blitz. However, a player has to manually send the Bingo Blitz Request to all of their friends, so that they can play together within the game.

(C) Lastly, friends can be added to the game through the chat option from within the game. All a player has to do is click the name of the person they are looking to add and send a friend request their way. Or, that friend can send the player a request through the chat as well.

2. I want more Credits, how can I get them?

Players can get Credits through different ways within the Bingo Blitz game. They can increase the amount of their Credits by adding more team members and finishing a Collection Set plus redeeming it. Also, players can win more Credits by unlocking Treasure Chests, getting a Bingo, and reaching special milestones during the Team Contest that takes place on a weekly basis. Credits can also be obtained by leveling up within the game.

3. I want more Coins, how do I get them?

Players can win Coins through various ways such as discovering them within Treasure Chests, getting a Bingo, daubing the correct Coin Squares on the Bingo card, leveling up in the game, reaching certain achievements, and so on. Moreover, players can visit the Store within the game and convert their Credits into Coins.

4. Can I send my friend free credits within the Bingo Blitz game?

Yes, you absolutely can! Players can easily send their friends credits whenever they want to. In addition to that, players can also send different bonuses to their friends. They can ask for bonuses too from their friends. This is yet another great way to earn free credits within the Bingo Blitz game.

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