9 Reasons to Play House of Fun in 2022

reasons to play House of Fun
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Finding the right casino where you can play games can be very difficult. Every casino has its fair share of challenges, unique games, and different features. So it can take a while to narrow down the ideal option that suits your needs. Which makes you wonder, why should you choose a casino experience like House of Fun? What makes it special and better when compared to the other options out there? Here are some of the defining factors and unique features that House of Fun brings to the table.

1. A large variety of games

Needless to say, every online casino experience needs to offer lots and lots of games for people to play. What really makes House of Fun stand out is the sheer number of slot games that you can find there. There are over 200 House of Fun slot games and new ones are added all the time. So even if you dislike a certain game now, it’s safe to say that you will have no problem searching and finding a new one in seconds.

House of Fun Games

That makes the gaming experience better in House of Fun, since you are always in control and you can choose what and when to play at your own pace. The fact that the House of Fun development team is constantly adding new games is cool too, since you don’t have to deal with the same House of Fun games over and over. It certainly adds to the experience and you are bound to appreciate the style and value provided. Which is what matters the most for a game like this, after all.

2. You can get started with ease

The cool thing about House of Fun is that it doesn’t force you to spend money right away. You have all kinds of ways to acquire House of Fun Free Coins and you can use those to get accustomed to the games. There’s a lot of value to be had for free, and then you can spend money on coins on the pass that brings in all kinds of rewards. It’s definitely a cool experience and lots of people come back to House of Fun just because it has that simple entry point where you get accustomed to it and have a significant amount of fun.

House of Fun Free Coins

3. The Super Pass system

House of Fun has added a Super Pass system with the idea of rewarding those players that play often and which are always coming back almost every day. As you play House of Fun Slots, you accumulate points that unlock rewards in the Super Pass. There are 2 tiers for the super pass, a free one where you get rewarded as you play, and one that you have to unlock for extra rewards. Also, check this House of Fun guide to understand how the game works and House of Fun Tips to master the game and be a pro player.

The Super Pass in House of Fun

That extra tier costs $2.99, but it will give you quite a lot of coins, which makes it a great idea if you need those extra coins. But you don’t get only coins in this Super Pass, you also have some other rewards too like speed-up bonuses and so on. it’s a cool way to feel rewarded as you play, and it’s not overly expensive either.

4. Impressive visuals

Maybe the nicest thing about House of Fun is definitely the fact that it’s a pretty casino with tons of incredibly appealing games. There’s a lot to see here and you will be amazed with not only the visual style, but also great attention to detail.

Impressive visuals in House of Fun

Most House of Fun games has very complex animations that feel rather realistic. Which is what adds to the experience, because you get to enjoy some amazing results and a great value. It really is going to impress you quite a bit, and the best part is that you will appreciate all the unique systems at play. You do want to give it a try for yourself just for the beautiful games alone, but there’s definitely a whole lot of other stuff to be had just from the House of Fun games alone. All you have to do is to test it out.

5. Leveling system

One of the things that makes House of Fun unique is that as you play, you get to level up. This leveling system isn’t there just for the sake of it. You are limited to a specific initial bet based on your level. As you level up, you will be able to place larger and larger bets.

Levels in House of Fun

The leveling system in House of Fun is actually implemented in a clever way and it totally adds to the experience. You will like it because not only is it creative, it totally enhances the process and it gives you some engaging moments. You also get to learn as you play, and the benefits can be extremely interesting and empowering at the same time. That’s what truly makes it worth the effort.

6. Playing in full screen

If you are a desktop user, you will be glad to learn that House of Fun can be played in fullscreen. Many slot games can’t be played in fullscreen, so you are just limited to your browser. With House of Fun, you can finally get that fullscreen experience and you will surely enjoy the process and results. It really is worth your time, and you are bound to like the creative prospects and unique features provided here.

Playing House of Fun in full screen

7. Great deals

Like many casino experiences, House of Fun does provide you with all kinds of deals and discounts. Which is cool, because there’s always a new deal and new features for you to try out. As we mentioned earlier, there are constant updates and new games for you to try out. Which is amazing, because it encourages you to come back often. Everything from the pass to rewards and bonuses encourage you to play often, and you will be rewarded if you do so. Not to mention some House of Fun games have a jackpot, so it’s worth for that alone.

Offers in House of Fun

8. Piggy bank system

What’s interesting about House of Fun is that it has a piggy bank system which automatically saves coins for you. However, if you want to break the piggy bank you will have to spend $2. It’s quite interesting as a concept, because it basically offers you a deal to spend less money on coins. So it’s the best of both worlds, and certainly a great way to obtain those extra coins whenever you need them the most.

House of Fun Piggy bank

9. You can switch between games with ease

The way the House of Fun is created is very impressive because it allows you to switch from one game to the other flawlessly. There are no long waiting times, just a bit of loading when you enter a new game. Other than that, everything is seamless and that certainly enhances the overall experience.

Easy to play games in house of fun


If you want to have lots of fun playing some of the best slot games in the world, give House of Fun a try right away. This is the ideal, place for anyone that loves slot games and which enjoys creative, fun and exhilarating moments with a lot of creative aspects. It’s a very good idea to give House of Fun a try right now, especially if you are a fan of slot games. There are 200+ slots for you to check out, and you will be amazed with the gameplay and style. Once you get accustomed with the coin system, you are bound to have lots of fun!

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