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wizard of oz guide
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Your favorite childhood characters have now joined the casino and will assist you in winning huge bets! That’s right, Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion just took on a new role at the famous casino game, The Wizard of Oz Slots.

Along these characters, you will once again walk the Yellow Road, you will relive the movie experience as well as your childhood memories, and win huge payouts with free spins and Mega Wilds in all-new Slot Machines.

Let’s dive further into this and learn more about the new journey that these four have embarked upon once again to bring excitement and fun back into our lives.

What Is Wizard Of Oz Slots

Wizard of Oz Slots Game

The Wizard of Oz Slots is an Android game that was released in 2014, and since then, it has had more than ten million downloads. This game does not require any real money and is a casino simulator for all those people who love the comfort of their houses yet want to play in a Casino too.

The Wizard of Oz Slots is a fun and exciting casino game whose goal is to win as much money as possible through betting. As the name suggests, it is entirely based on the movie “Wizard of Oz.” Moreover, this game also has toned-down graphics to create the old-style movie effect, and the audio is also pretty accurate, complimenting the graphics.

Once you start playing the game and begin unlocking new machines, you can see the story of Wizard of Oz unfold. How cool is that, no? Each machine is centered around a major chapter of the movie, so the more machines you unlock, the more of the story you get to discover.

You might even get a chance to meet the great Wizard himself if you are lucky enough to land one of the Big Wins, which is featured when you work your way up to the Bonus Rounds.

This game consists of spins that are unbelievably free, a wide variety of exciting mini-games, awesome dual reels, and a lot of ways to win a huge round. One of the main features of Wizard of Oz Slots is that you can play it anywhere you want and at any time since it works both online and offline and can be easily synced to different devices via Facebook.

There is also an option where you can play with your friends and have this awesome journey with them. You can send or receive free gifts and help each other out when need be. You can follow your friends on the Yello Brick Road as you journey to the Emerald City.

How To Play Wizard Of Oz Slots

How To Play Wizard Of Oz Slots Game

This game is not that complicated, so anyone can play, be it a pro or a beginner; all you have to do is open the game, choose a slot machine, place your bet and just click on spin. An option called “Auto Spin” is also available for automatic spinning of the slot machine, so you don’t have to press the spin button repeatedly.

This game works in the form of levels, so the higher your level is, the more rewards and credits you are rewarded with, and more possibilities open up for you within the game.

All your credits are accumulated in a little space in your lobby called “Horsey Bank.” The Horsey Bank is blocked in the beginning, but you can unlock it by earning a specific number of credits. By clicking on the horse icon, you can see the number of credits that you have earned.

There is also a program in Wizard of Oz Slots called the “Loyalty Program,” where you get VIP status and can get more benefits in the game. The more active you are in the game, the faster your VIP status rises, and you will start receiving more credits for every one of your wins.

Certain tasks are present in the game, and upon completing these tasks, you can get one of the trophies. Basically, the more trophies you earn, the higher your rating will be among other players in the game.

One can also be a part of a club within the game, as it is an excellent way to earn extra credits every day to play the slots. A club is a community of players who are above level 20. When your teammates get big wins, you will also get a certain reward in the form of Wizard of Oz free coins and credits.

There is also a club wall and it is recommended that you check it more often so that you do not miss out on any awards.

Wizard Of Oz Slots Machine

Wizard of Oz Slots Machine

The Slot Machines in Wizard of Oz Slots are all entirely free and Vegas-styled. So, you don’t need to go to Vegas to get the fun of casinos; you can just play this exciting game!

As you can play it both online and offline, all you have to do is whip out your mobile phone and be magically transported to the Emerald City, where you can play all the exciting slots that you like and are your favorite ones.

Press the spin button and keep spinning till you win bonus credits and other rewards. Besides the characters, you’ll also be assisted by the Good Witch of the South while playing slots.

She flies in front of the screen in a Bonus feature called “Glinda Expanding Wild,” and her primary function is to turn reels 3, 4, and 5 into expanding wilds, which almost guarantees that you will earn winning payouts. There are two other Bonus features which are known as “Road to Emerald City” and “Winged Monkey Feature.”

The different symbols on the slot machines consist of different payouts. The symbols present are wild, jackpot, Wizard of Oz icon, Dorothy, Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man Combined Symbol, Ruby Slippers, Wicked Witch, Cat, Hot Air Balloon, House, and Tornado.

Wizard Of Oz Slots Player Profile

Wizard Of Oz Slots Player Profile

Player Profile helps you to track the progress that you have made in the game as well as game statistics, you can edit information in it about yourself, and you can also view other players’ profiles. You can access your profile by going to the menu and clicking on the My Profile tab.

Moreover, to change your photo or the information about yourself, you will have to register in the Loyalty Hall. Once that is done, you can also easily view your game statistics for Zynga Slots in the Games section.

One can use the photo from their Facebook page or one of the suggested avatars which are already present within the game and specify the gender, name, location, and status. Within this section, one can access information about their game level, favorite slot machine, and the biggest win in the last thirty days.

Wizard Of Oz Slots Worlds

Wizard Of Oz Worlds

The Wizard of Oz Slots works in the form of worlds, i.e., there are specific locations in the game, and each location has its name and slot machines. In order to find a world or a car, just tap on the Globe icon in the lower-left corner of the main screen.

Furthermore, as the game level increases, one can open 16 new worlds, all with new machines for games. There are 18 worlds in this game, such as On the rainbow, Good old land of Oz, Adventures in an enchanted forest, Return to Oz, Home again, Munchkins, etc.

Wizard Of Oz Slots Mini-Games

Wizard of Oz Mini Games

Mini Games usually refer to the On-Reel Picker, present in most machines, which allows you to select a prize from three options. However, there are some machines in which Mini Games are added.

To find out if a slot has an additional game as well as how to activate these Mini Games, view the information present on the Paytable. For example, the machine “Scarecrow” consists of a Mini Game.

Wizard Of Oz Slots Lucky Cards

How to get Wizard of Oz Lucky Cards

Wizard of Oz Lucky Cards is an event where you are supposed to collect a collection of special luck cards in a limited time. Collect these lucky cards in order to win good prizes and huge rewards by simply playing the game.

You only have to spin on any machine to get these cards. The cards will appear randomly as you win, and you can receive any card on any spin in any machine. The higher the bet you place, you not only get a chance to win more cards, but you will also have a higher chance to receive rare four-star or five-star cards.

Each of these lucky cards consists of a rarity value displayed at the top. The more stars that a card has, the rarer it is. Cards with fewer stars are easier to find as compared to cards with more stars which are harder to find.

One-star cards are the most common ones and can be found very easily. Similarly, five-star cards are very rare and hence more difficult to find.

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